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Hope you are all trying to heal in this period of isolation - I most definitely am by dillan94 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/4/2020 5:49:50 PM ( 32 months ago ago)
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Hello all,

Hope everyone is staying safe in this unprecedented time of pandemic.

I myself am making the absolute most of the situation - having to work from home and barely leave the house is a golden opportunity to try to heal using the aquaphor "keep it covered" method, as worked successfully for Daniel Miller and one or two others.

All day, everyday, my lips are completely slathered in aquaphor. At night, I slather on so much my lips feel heavy.

Anytime I eat, I reapply quickly after. Basically as much as humanly possibly I'm trying to ensure there's a nice thick layer on my lips.

It's been 7 days - haven't had a good look at them because they've always been covered - but they feel tingly and I'll take that as a positive thing.

Hope everyone else can try similar things, with similar products (doesn't have to be aquaphor). I've tried aquaphor, gloves-in-a-bottle and liquid-skin in the past, all to no avail. However I put those failures down to my own execution.

THIS is the one opportunity we all have where we aren't afraid of looking stupid with aqupahor slathered on our lips, because we barely go out. We talk less, we can look stupid while eating. We can do it all.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE carry out this experiment with me and give it your all.

If we all collaborate and give it a concerted group push during this isolation period, we might find ourselves some progress.



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