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Re: colodial silver for Coronavirus !!! ??? by trapper/kcmo ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   3/10/2020 4:17:27 PM ( 16 months ago ago)
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those doctors in italy arent saying too much about how they are treating these cases. obviously oxygen is a problem. CS is great at healing tissue without scarring but that doesnt replace any of the other nutrition. i dont think it is the great pathogen killer we have been told, either. not without oxygen and nutrition.

oxone. injected ozone. and tons of quality lung vitamins and herbs, especially A, C, and E, or ace. also, mucus breakers. bromelein and other digestive enzymes. and if diarrhoea, which is probably inevitable, stay on those electrolytes of potassium and sodium and magnesium or, with the decreased oxygen, the heart is at severe risk.

you can bet all of these patients are dying of cardiac arrest at the end of all that stress. ozone will feed the heart, kill viruses and bacteria, and neutralize toxins. also, eating is out. all food clogs the lungs.

i wouldnt be too cavalier about any upper resp infection. the minute there is a sign of it, hit it with massive C, D, and zinc. stop eating. and rest. of course people should be doing all that stuff and staying healthy and at optimal weight anyway. this shit of eating and drinking and taking a pill when that breaks you is coming to a screaching stop.

keto or no go.

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