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Re: colodial silver for Coronavirus !!! ??? by UserX ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   2/3/2020 10:33:02 AM ( 16 months ago ago)
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About 4 days ago I was reading an article that stated the virus could enter via the mouth, nose, eyes and ears which I had never heard of about ears being a point of entry and `I thought where did that come from? So now I know. What about if you had a fresh cut on your finger? Could it get into the bloodstream? Iíve not heard of that with a virus but if bacteria can enter a cut from a surface then who knows, although survival of the virus maybe different on a wound. Thatís a good idea, I never thought about the peroxide solution, Iím going to get some. My dad says he thinks there will be more cases here but we will manage to contain it. People are praising China but I think it couldíve been so much better, they let a lot of people out of Wuhan at first when they new about the virus and let people get on planes and spread it when they also knew about the virus. We knew about it for a few days and weíre letting people fly in without asking where they would be staying and we let others get on planes and take other flights out of the country so the outcome couldíve been so much better if authorities had stopped that initial migration 2 days before in China. So people will die who neednít have had. I hope China learns from this but I suspect there will be other virus outbreaks from China in the next 15 years or so. Is it because thereís to many people in the world? There seems to be more colds about these days. More people coming here from abroad must bring more colds/flu into the country, plus we donít get the heavy snow anymore that kept people in their houses, people would stay indoors more when we had the heavy snow. This year we havenít had a flake of snow yet where I live and Iíve never known it in my lifetime that we donít have some snow in winter? So the weather patterns have altered, in fact itís been a mild winter so that will bring people out of the houses and spread the colds more.

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