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Higher Self Meditation by turiya ..... Psychic Experiences Forum

Date:   11/24/2019 8:11:02 PM ( 30 months ago ago)
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Higher Self Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to reinforce the connection between you and your Higher Self.

Again, make clear  your intent that you only wish to work with your Higher Self and not an outside entity.

Begin with the chakra balancing meditation. Once you have completed the full sequence of the meditation, bring your point of concentration back to just above the top of your head.

We are on the side of a mountain, very near the top and just climbing onto an open area, like a small plateau. The air is clear and fresh and we feel healthy and invigorated by the climb. We are comfortably warm, but not hot, and we are breathing easily after our climb.

As we step onto the plateau, we see lots of bushes with large silver flowers. As we breathe in the musky perfume of these flowers, we feel a sense of achievement - we have at last reached the higher ground. We can turn back and look down on our climb and see that all of our struggles, exertions and fights are now far behind us. We no longer need to climb - we have arrived. As we look back on our climb, we can look back and see if there are any areas of our life which we have neglected and which require us to spend a little time to finally clear out.

Do not be afraid of these unresolved areas.

Remember, you are looking at your life and they are a part of you that needs a little effort to finally clear out. Do not ignore them. Remember them and realize that these small items are all that need to be resolved.

All else has been cleared.

As we turn back to the plateau, we realize that our vision has changed. It is as if a mist, a veil, has cleared and we can see the peaks of other mountains around us and that they are all below us. We feel our sense of achievement, we have arrived and our world has changed because of our climb.

We find a comfortable spot to sit down on and enjoy this feeling of completion. Let us just savor this feeling for a moment. No more climbing to do, all we need to do now is just to be.

As we sit and relax, we become aware of an energy. It is as though we are being showered in a transparent sparkly light from a little way above us. As we become more aware of this energy, we become more aware of a mind within it. A mind that is sharing itself directly with our mind and we acknowledge that this mind is closely connected with us. A part of ourselves that is very familiar but somehow larger than us.

As this higher aspect of ourselves comes closer to us, connections begin to be made directly between our higher aspect and our physical aspect. We become aware of the long chords that have always connected the two aspects together and that these chords are becoming shorter and stronger and we feel that both aspects are beginning to merge into ourselves.

We can feel ourselves expanding. Our awareness fills a new larger space and we can see and sense the world in newer and fresher ways. We feel that we can at last understand ourselves and our world in new ways and with a new light of understanding.

We slowly, slowly return into the now with the sure knowledge that this expanded self of ours is firmly in place and fully connected, never again to be separate.

Slowly, we return into the now feeling relaxed, refreshed and all of our chakras fully balanced.

Excerpt: Synthesis by Chris Thomas, Appendix Four (pages 159-160)


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