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Causes for Constipation by TruthWillSetUsFree ..... Constipation Forum

Date:   9/19/2019 9:35:29 PM ( 27 months ago ago)
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constipation is not only bothersome but many times threatens the very health and life of a person.

though there may be many reasons for it, here are some of the most easiest and obvious causes for it.

-Bread Meat and Junk food.

bread is made of glue -tin which is like a literal glue ball of dough. when eaten in large amounts like pizza it causes a large clog in the bowels. when eaten often the bowels take on a large basket ball shape. this is bread glue.

eating large amounts of meat especially red meat is hard to digest. it then festers in the bowels and often times begins to grow parasites because it is not quickly eliminated. as they say "cook your meat well or contract parasites" eating meat in general will introduce parasites in to the body as well.

once parasites are present from meat like worms and bacteria and fungus like yeast from junk food the hunger is ever more present and almost impossible to curb leading to a downward spiral for the bowels as pizza on pizza burger on burger is added to the sensitive tubes and slowly over the years we have what we have today. Americans with bowels unnaturally large and filled with parasites.

now the hard question is how to unclog these bowels safely

And the even harder question how to fight the parasites inside us that drive us to over eat, the wrong foods not meant for humans compacting our bowels for their habitation and giving us cravings almost impossible to bear. many of thoes parasites are nest builders which need these substances to build hard to eradicate forts of glue and live inside of them. many of them also secrete substances that also cause constipation and extreme incessant hunger.

some remedies that are found to bring relief is cal mag , deep intestial massage with castor oil and using nightly castor oil packs, enemas, a spoon of Turpentine in juice daily and of course

not eating bread pasta and meat anymore. unless this habit is eliminated there may not be much hope.

it's sad to see the world around turning into large hard to breathe over weight sad souls who didn't know any better.


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