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Effects of Iodine without all supplements by Gracekawai ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   8/25/2019 8:33:06 AM ( 28 months ago ago)
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Hello! I have been taking high does Iodine a few days ago. I had a few symptoms in the first 2-3 days and today is my fifth day. I was taking magnesium 600mg, vitamin C1000mg, vitamin D3, selenium from Brazil nuts and sometimes vitamin A and B12 on and off. I did do salt loading in the days I have symptoms.
I donít take vitamin B complex but I do consume nutritional yeast daily small amount.
Now I start to have almost no symptoms ( I did gained a lot of water weight in the mid section, am sleeping less hours and I do get some rash here and there but nothing major that made me feel horrible) at dosage of 100mg Lugolís Iodine despite not taking vitamin C, magnesium, not doing salt loading just salt in food. I do salt my food more now and still eat Brazil nut everyday and vitamin D3 because I am prone to deficiency, vitamin A and B12 on and off and am feeling very normal without any severe detox symptoms.
I am wondering if not taking all companion supplements would work efficiently as I am not a big fan of taking tons of supplements.
Did anyone take Iodine without huge amount of vitamin C and magnesium and Vitamin B and still work well for them?
I am thinking of applying magnesium oil instead of eating the pill.
I am scared if I donít follow the protocol fully iodine would have no effect on my body. I am trying to get rid of a cyst on my breast and I have high hope in megadosing iodine.
I do eat a very balanced diet and try to get all nutrients from food rather than supplements. Although I know that no way the amount of nutrients I get from food is going to reach that Hugh amount of vitamins and minerals from the protocol.
Any ideas if thatís okay to ditch some of the companion supplements if I am feeling good on 100mg Lugols iodine?


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