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Re: Mimosa Pudica effective against parasites? by EGordon ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   8/12/2019 10:26:10 AM ( 29 months ago ago)
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Hello Wormzzanon,

Yes! I tried mimosa seeds with great and surprising success (visually saw the organisms, regularly) and was truly amazed since I had tried many other mimosa products in the past with no obvious results. After a month or two I noticed various tender, painful and/or congested areas in my abdomen disappear along with abdominal bloat and pudge. Sometimes cramping, spasms, aches or pains preceded the clearing of parasites.

I suspect the other mimosa products did not work because they either did not include the seeds or they were of poor quality, irradiated, old or mixed with other ingredients providing a non-therapeutic dose.

Take mimosa seed capsules on an empty stomach, 2 caps minimum, twice a day, with a large glass of water. Can take up to 20 capsules/day.
I took them alone with amazing results and I took them with other antiparasitics with good results.
Flukes, pins, ropes, other worms and other stuff came out.... regularly.
As mentioned in the other posts, there is a great protocol to follow that includes mimosa seeds, Microbe Formulas.

To actually see the bulk of what is coming out you do need to actually sift through the stuff to identify the organisms.
Though, quite often, the organisms are easy to see with no effort on my part.

I did not take pharmaceutical meds when taking the naturals and still had good results.
Some people include pharmaceuticals when taking these naturals and have great results.
Take the program long term - 3 weeks every month for a while (3-6 months minimum, then maintenance); or, as needed (up to 2 + years).

Often I included the following supplements (high quality only), 2-3x/day, after meals: 2 oregano essential oil gel capsules (potent, high quality), 2 ginger capsules, 3 garlic freeze-dried capsules, 3 turmeric/black pepper blend capsules, 1 gram vitamin C, 2 capsules Neem (Himalaya), Boswellia 3 capsules (Himalaya), 2 capsules of Candidfree (essential oil blend: olive oil, oregano oil, garlic oil, chios mastic oil, grapefruit seed extract, lemongrass oil, and clove oil).

Off-and-on I would include other anti-parasitic blends for 3-4 weeks (e.g., ParaPurge; Dr Clark's protocol as she instructs in her books - i.e., potent clove powder, Black-Walnut green hull tincture must be greenish and all parts taken separately, not as a blend; Ayurvedic blends that are for the skin or for parasites, etc...). Parapurge includes: Neem leaf, Black-Walnut hulls, Garlic bulb, Thyme leaf, Artemisia Annua Herb, Pumpkin Seeds, Gentian Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Woodworm leaf, Butternut Bark, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Fennel Seed, Mugwort herb, Oregon Grape Root, Elecampane Root - took 4 capsules daily, after meal.

Sometimes I would lure the parasites to eat the poison by eating a sugary something. Otherwise, do not eat Sugar and simple carbs at all.

To weaken the parasites and digest biofilm take enzymes, empty stomach, morning. Vary the types, can combine them, though stay on each for a while: lumbrokinase, candidase, lipase blend, protease, pancreatin enzymes, serropeptase, nattokinase, mucolase, ...).

To mop up released toxins take binders, empty stomach, once or twice a day: e.g., prophylite clay with activated charcoal; zeolite; chlorella; etc...

Detox heavy metals, pollutants, other toxins regularly with saunas, essential oils, cilantro, chlorella, foot ion baths, exercise/sweating, clays, silica, activated charcoal, oral or suppository chelation, etc... Toxins feed or protect parasites.

Critical points:
* Make sure your thyroid levels are normal - if not, take thyroid.
* Lots of water - half your body weight in ounces, daily. Distilled water with added minerals or Sea Salt and lemon juice is a safe bet.
* Keep urine pH 6.5 - 7.0 (1/2 tsp baking soda + 1/4 tsp potassium bicarbonate + 4 oz water, am and pm, empty stomach; club soda of bicarbonate + fresh lemon juice + stevia or birch xylitol, x2/day). Antimicrobials & antiparasitics are not as effective in an overly acidic body for many reasons.
* Healthy diet, low meat intake and replace meat protein with other quality proteins.
* Took quality multi vitamins and minerals, daily.
* Minerals need to include: iodine, selenium, boron, molybdenum, magnesium, sulfur, etc.... Trace Minerals, Ionic minerals, Anderson's minerals, Kelp (high quality brand), and other brands are good quality. Sea Salt has minerals - always include Sea Salt , daily, and not from the Mediterranean (high rad).
* Always take HCL/pepsin before meals (most people are low HCL producers); digestive enzymes during meals; and, always try to include pancreatin enzymes. Many adults are low in these elements which allow parasites to proliferate.
* Fiber, daily (Whole Psyllium seeds at night; ground flax/chia soaked; coconut meat; pectin; etc....) - need to move out the waste.
* Herbal laxative, as needed - must be poop'in 2-3 times, daily, 3 times is the rule for parasite cleaning.
* Move the body to move the lymph to allow toxins to be removed.

Sometimes include drainage remedies or supplements/tinctures to support the liver and kidneys.
Sometimes include heavy doses of probiotics at bedtime and/or after meals - food or supplements.
Sometimes do a 6 month Diatomaceous earth cleanse (slowly working up to 1 Tablespoon with 1 cup water, x2/day, empty stomach). Then, reduce to maintenance.
DE provides silica and addresses many "bugs" in the body.

Note: I discovered all high quality anti parasitics (natural and pharma) worked 10 times better when my body was strengthened with vitamins, minerals, good diet, ideal pH, hydration, light exercise, fiber.
Sometimes one needs to follow a KPU-type protocol to make the antiparasitics effective since too many people are depleted in critical nutrients/minerals which are required by the body's various "clean-up" mechanisms (e.g., magnesium, selenium, iodine, niacin, B vitamins, boron, silica, sulfur, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin A, healthy fats, niacin, zinc - common).

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