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Re: Chronic uncurable pancreatitis by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/3/2019 8:46:02 PM ( 24 months ago ago)
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Human health starts with "history". History explains the present.

Age, weight, history are the basics---especially all dental history.

The pancreas is home for liver fluke worms-----they live free in the pancreatic duct and lay hundreds of thousands of eggs none stop your entire lifetime--------she lays eggs out 4 holes in her body----I doubt there is such a thing as a male---because worms just have to lay eggs their adult lifetime.

The liver and gallbladder is even a larger HOTEL, but at least you can kill and evict the worms in the liver/gallbladder........the pancreas is a tough spot-----as explained on this forum many many times over a long history----Dr. Christopher noticed the pancreas diseases corrected when using juniper berries/kidney cleansing herbs. Today people have so many other reasons for being clogged and toxic.

PUSS diseases kill---cancers are puss diseases---your cure is garlic/sulfur containing herbs and all herbs that dissolve the rock in the kidneys............

this person could have 1,000+ reasons why-----she and she alone has to correct what can be corrected and do it fast---starting with what the dentist did by design---because the dentist are trained to feed the doctors.

She does not have time to read books---she needs to stop what she has been doing and every day she has work to live---

it sounds like an advanced case------very few want to live---if she truly wants to live---she would have been searching and self-experimenting---if she went medical, then odds are against her. EVERYONE can live better---if they want to.


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