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Adam foolishly chose that humanity should also know REBELLION against God. by been there done that ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   6/25/2019 10:20:03 PM ( 17 months ago ago)
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EVIL is ILLOGICAL……The Standard of Ur and the harmony of opposites.

....only peace and harmony make sense (evil disrupts peace and harmony and therefore does not make sense.....EVIL IS ILLOGICAL).

Nothing is really known/understood about The Standard of Ur, it is simply accepted that a dichotomy of opposites is recognized (either WAR or PEACE will exist,….a very simple way of life/attitude).

It would seem that the “Standard” attitude would be based on a KNOWLEDGE that GOOD cannot exist by itself, the contrast/opposite (EVIL) must also exist.

Psa 82:6 I say, "You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;

This video is 53 minutes, but is very interesting with our recent understanding that Pangea and other supercontinents are the actual ancestral background of the modern Homo Sapien human being.

At point 23:31 in the video, a correlation between “the church” and Masonry is suggested as a reality in the 1700’s.

For all intents and purposes, the “Homo Sapien” the ONLY human being, but for purposes of exploration/discovery, it is not unreasonable that we use “HUMAN BEING” as a general term.

The Hominids from Australopithecines are “THE HUMANS” ….

In Taxonomy,…..

As I have likely mentioned before, THE SUN, THE MOON, AND THE STARS are commonly referred to in scripture as being the ancient worlds’ representation/understanding of deity/creator.

Malachi 4:2 SUN of righteousness

In Revelation 8:12, TIME is changed because of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Whether or not the Jews originated in Pangea or Moses was a Neanderthal, there is only one creator. It seems that the Jews and the Muslims (both cultures being formed by the Mediterranean lifestyle) developed their own understandings and expressions about deity (of course, the Mediterranean region is also where Jesus came to fame).


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