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Thyme importance and the critical pathway to curing parasitic infections by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   2/21/2019 4:54:26 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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The critical path through a parasitic infection appears to be gated by several key systemic parasites.
Several of these can be quite small.

This post summarizes the findings of the last three months, and identifies the role and the informed use of some critical essential oils.

I cleared many species of flat worms, Ascaris twice, hook worms, Strongyloides, Strongyles, and Prehistoric.

Work in essential oils continued.
Prehistoric research and parasites came as a surprise.
Early work showed prehistoric hair worms, thin migrans, in several people.
Eventually the formula took shape, and I had some 10 pounds of granulomas sand came out with doses of peppermint, castor oil, and ginger.


It was such a shock, that its importance, or need to be removed early in parasitic treatment cannot be underestimated, and challenge test for prehistorics needs to be moved earlier in the deworming process.

Then came thyme:

I knew I had several small species of red worms.
I knew eventually, that no antiparasitic med had any clearing effect, irrespective of dose and time.
Eventually in back tracking antiparasitic essential oils, I rediscovered thyme.
From my notes it was tested early, some 4 years ago, apparently with no success.

Eventually through events, and correspondence with others to sick to make the journey, a shortcut needed to be found.

I believe thyme is that shortcut.

It has had miraculous killing capability on critically infected correspondents, and my self.

Let me explain.

In the last few months, experimenting exclusively with essential oils, we have made a few new discoveries.

Prehistoric worms are killed using peppermint oil.

Long hair worms, like Anisakis, are killed using peppermint.
Prehistoric worms evolved many millions of years ago, and still exist in seafood.
The current antiparasitics do not have any effect on them, they may recede for a short time, but the infections remain.
The DNA never evolved to a point where current antiparasitic meds will cure an infection, and continued dosing will only end in death.

We had some topical success with neem, castor, ginger, thymol, Rose constituents, terpines, Invermectin, Pyrantel, and alike.
Continued testing made us kind of knowledgeable in how these worked.
Bearing less fruit were Phenols, and other molecules.

Early reactions to peppermint showed higher doses had an increasing effect.
We determined the maximum dose per weight.
Many had beneficial results.
Castor oil showed many again, showed an improvement, several others dropped granulomas sand like myself(30%).
We verified the dosing of various ginger root, leaf, oil.
This process became known as the prehistoric parasite formula, I forget the number but 25.5 comes to mind.

Following this formula, several in our group were loosing the battle.
A new approach was needed, and fast.
We simply had run out of things to test.
What remained was all there was.
A quick scan of dosing of Thyme showed activity.
It was at a high dose.
Little time existed for the usual safety, research, gentle ramp.
The REDS formula 31 started in January with an initial dose of some 2 grams of leaf four times a day 100kgs.
The stir of many species and their nitric acid was attenuated using pipperazine.
The GI was kept clear using Pyrantel.

In formula 31 Revisions 6 - various co-factors were tested and several additional elements were identified, including castor oil, Miralax, potassium citrate, etc.

The thyme dose was increased to 4 grams some 8 times per day (100kgs).

Eventually the formula entered a form, and those early adopters improved with increasing doses of leaf.
The reactions were severe.
One now on an electrode oscillator, the other critical infection soon to be.
The formula clears Promastigotes, red hair worms, red migrans.

The formula seams to aid in the removal of Ascaris, Strongyloides.
Pictures I have seen show worms larger than any pictures before it.

After prolonged agony, eventually the last early adopter went into remission.
Co-infections of Ascaris and large Strongyloides presented in them.
In myself, a large Ascaris eventually was pushed out of a hidden missed nest.

The value and importance of thyme leaf, and essential oil has been proven by this effort.
Critical infections can be walked back by using thyme, and a support mixture of antiparasitics and co-factors.

After years of searching, the importance of early thyme use has been discovered, the underlying infections it addresses (systemic Promastigotes, red Nanos, systemic red hair worms, systemic red bone migrans worms, systemic Strongyloides, systemic Ascaris, and probably many other parasites, has been demonstrated.

Thyme is broad spectrum.

I did not discover thyme, the Egyptians did.

I am simply reporting on its use, position and importance in the de-worming process, and inferences.


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