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Re: Vitamin C at the same time as Lugo Tab? by UserX ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/9/2018 3:30:14 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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It is smart. But not at the same time.

Those who do not know, now be informed, all mammals except humans and two others, make their own vitamin C in their liver, every moment !

What also many do not know, is that when stressed, the other mammals liver is kicked into high gear to manufacture Vitamin C ascorbate, in amounts of twenty (20) times the normal amount !!

So, if your husband stresses you, or you are attacked by a stranger, etc., the normal thing is the body makes 20 X more vitamin C, if you are not a human !! Fortunately, I am a Vulcan.

Unless you are human, in which case, you become immediately deficient, and all the chemicals emitted by the adrenals do not get de-aminated by the ascorbate you would normally have in you, those amines linger around.

Is this the human secret to "success" ?? The defect of lacking the glucuronolactone oxidase enzyme ? Or is it a health curse ??

I don't know many answers, and this is another one I don't know, nobody knows.

Maybe the CIA / Mossad / KGB knows, maybe there's some health genius they all have, but maybe not. Maybe some people know more than they do :)

The takeaway point is, in my op., everybody should commit to no less than 5000 mg of vitamin C daily, as a constant background health measure.

Iodine on top of that, doesn't matter whether it is Iodine or iodide, the body is not as stupid as the mind.

You cannot corrupt the human body with political nonsense that upsets the natural order of Man.

You can only corrupt the mind with political nonsense.

Follow the body's needs, and then your mind will know inherently what is "right" or "wrong", you become what Nature wants you to be.

Form follows function.
Function follows form.
The beginning and the end, are the same.
You are my beginning,
you are my end.
My end justifies you,
my beginning.
Profundity is irrelevant.


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