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Re: Thin nasal membranes causing chronic bloody nose by #39806 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/25/2018 3:26:50 AM ( 28 months ago ago)
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As White Shark mentions, you should not be using supplements which your body has negative reactions to.
Listen to it and choose what to use accordingly.
Lots of fascinating posts come up reading online, but they do not superceede (replace or have authority over) what does good or bad to your body system. Reading here is just to help you _understand_ why it reacts the way it does.

In general mercury is one of the elements that can contribute to thin membranes. It breaks up the sulfur bonds that help keep tissue strength. Any amalgams/silver tooth fillings?
Been vaccinated with the mad schedule of the US perhaps?
Or been eating tuna and large ocean fish?
Can all contribute.

All of the supplements you list have effects on blood pressure, the herbs have salicylicates (once called vit b11), Vitamin E especially has blood thinning properties (Alpha-tocopherol [the most common] is the one that thins the blood the most, Gamma-tocopherol is gentler and the most beneficial). Green tea especially has tannins (the astringent/bitter tasting element of bark and some plants) which latch onto vitamin B1. In overdose it's a very bad idea (an athletic young man had too much faith in it and died after several months drinking large amounts of concentrated green tea).

The issues causing nosebleeds is a bigger puzzle.

You need to report fx:
Medical History
Medicines commonly used, including over the counter medicines
All supplements and herbs
Regular diet (vegetarian., omnivorous, junkfoodvorious, organic foods or no, quality of local watersource, use of sodas, especially in young life..)
Excercise patterns
How much dark green veg you're getting on a regular basis (the uncooked kind)
Current age, smoking/drinking habits
Stress levels (present or past harmful relationships)

All that sort of stuff you can put into your profile so that you can point there when making a post.
Keep in mind to protect your persondata, like town/state of residence, address, anything that can identify you.

Most important here is learning how to sort through the details and learning which ones are important.

I point to lecithin, organic egg yolks, and leafy green veg.
Choline helps the integrity of cell membranes. (Those are the foods that are especially rich in it).


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