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Re: Please identify microscopic pictures of multiple skin parasites - one showing larvae emerging from cocoon. by whatizthis ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   5/22/2018 4:04:21 AM ( 27 months ago ago)
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Understand this is 3 years later, but for some reason, have not received CZ email to allow full access and putting in a new post, and yours is spot on - so I am hitching onto this one for now.

Been battling this for three years in some form with accelerated outbreaks over past year, supporting your comments of getting on top of this - AND with no medical professional found yet who is knowledgeable in treating more than standard scabies or demodex (Biactin, Ivermectin and sulfur wash, all helpful in reducing growth, but no cure)

Multiple infections of what looks to be parasites, but perhaps it is something else - recent discussion with research program on related issues bring in strong case for Lyme co-infection for various reasons - high risk for tick bites where I live (25 acres of parkland adjacent to property full of deer and fox in high-risk region (plus son got Lyme playing in back yard) and frequent golfing on links course, possible tick bite with skin boil eruption, high fever (105) and significant lymph gland swelling in same area for 12+ months, plus later chronic fatigue, etc. AND first skin rash itching bumps about 60 days later, that have sp[read to face and now all this.

Note First Specimen (Part 1 and 2 of photo montage over 10 minutes of what looks like emerging larvae from its cocoon under 100X power through education grade microscope but an iphone cam taking the photos) is white segmented body with glow-red half-football shaped abdomen. Some photos indicate it may be severed in middle or that could be its shape similar to a connecting thorax section. Not in focus enough to tell. See 1st photo montage uploaded 15 minutes earlier.Note also black and red "barber-poled" tentacles emerging from sides of parasite - compare to first photos in previous uploaded photos (Part 1) - Cannot tell if attached to parasite or the cocoon/egg sac - looks like it is coming form inside though. Hideous to image something like this channeling under my skin but that is the apparent reality of whatever is infecting me. ID or educated guesses welcome.

Other photos of other parasite or Morgellons looking specimens, and tentacled specimens. ALL of these are regular finds (with one exception, the first spider looking photo - upper left panel) which I have only seen once - at least a whole specimen).


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