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Re: HELP! How many different parasites can one person have? Eek! by Coldfeet32 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/8/2018 4:32:47 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Wow! So terrible to hear that you're going through the same thing! Well, two heads are better than one (unless its Scolex head! Sorry, bad parasite joke) so maybe we can get a bit farther if we compare notes. Funny that we are both mid-Albendazole cleanse.

What is your diet like? I assume similar to mine - no gluten, sugar, dairy, fried foods? Try this and maybe start taking liver supplements like Milk Thistle - I'm taking this daily. The first time I took Albendazole was a nightmare and I had to quite like 3 days in - especially since I coupled it with the Praziquantel. Like you, I think I have low pain tolerance and am quite sensitive.

I had to try triclabendazole twice - I'm still not 100% sure they're gone but I haven't seen them. I'd recommend trying it again - although I know they're ridiculously expensive.

I actually saw some improvement when I did P&B shakes (psyllium husk and Bentonite clay) and zapping combined. Im of firm belief that in order to get rid of these guys we need to change the terrain of our gut/bodies to make it an inhospitable place to live - so for me, I had to simultaneously attack the candida and do coffee enemas constantly (3-4 times a week) this has been HUGE help to me.

In terms of weight loss, sounds like you may have a tape worm? (Amongst other things like me!) Do you see white pods in your stool too? coffee enemas are the best way for you to see what's up there.

I haven't been to China actually, but I lived in South Korea for nearly 2 years where I gorged myself on raw fish frequently - and I read that liver flukes are pervasive in both countries. So undoubtedly we share those. Have also spent lots of time in Bali, Sub-Saharan Africa (multiple countries), India, Pakistan and Central America - all the good buggy places. I think what pushed my candida over the edge was anti-malaria pills ironically (doxy) - which turned my gut flora into a breeding ground for any parasites I came in contact with.

If I were you I would pick one and really go for it - and then slowly pick them off. That's what I'm trying to do - started with liver flukes, and now working on Ascaris (at least that's what I think I have). The location of the fluttering near your liver would indicate liver flukes to me - and it sounds like you might have a tap or Ascaris in addition.

I hear you on the career impact, I've had to basically stop being social, stop working out and stop trying so hard to advance in my career - as my brain fog, fatigue, general malaise and overall feeling like utter crap just doesn't make it possible.

Also - I have NO appetite either... but I'm forcing myself to eat three square meals. This is relatively a new symptom that just started the last couple weeks or so - not sure if Albendazole is contributing to any of this.

Anyways, I'm here - so let me know how your process goes! You're not alone!!!


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