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Re: Please help! New here! Tired and Drunk feeling and I want my life back! by purplepixie ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/18/2017 3:09:22 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Gut dysbiosis is one of the major root causes of all diseases.

You are young and have a large family and work full time - i don't know how you cope with that to be honest, as that alone means you've got many demands on you, and thus lots of stress - whether it's good stress or bad stress - just having too much 'stimulation' does wear the body down - it requires a LOT of nutrients to feed the body when we lead super-busy lives.

This is why many people are getting so worn down and have symptoms as you describe.

Brain fog, anxiety, fatigue of the brain, in my opinion NOW, are due to primarily a lack of EFA's - Omega 3,6,9 balance. Our brain is made of mostly FAT, also our brain requires more energy to be fed per day than any other tissue in our whole body.

You need to immediately quit vegetable oil (which is actually grain oil these days), and 'margarine' which is a plastic fat your body has no idea what to do with.
These terrible fats are loaded with omega 6 too - which is inflammatory.

You need to focus on reducing omega 6 and increasing omega 3.
Start eating oil fish - mackerel, sardines, even ocean salmon contain good omega 3 content.

Krill Oil supplements are far superior than generic 'fish oil' capsules.
Flax seed - (linseed) - buy them whole and grind them up in a coffee grinder to use them freshly ground - sprinkle over any meal, put into smoothies - stir into yogurt etc - they are excellent for omega oils....without being too heavy with omega 6.

Study about omega 3 6 and 9 - understand the role they have in the body.

Coconut oil is excellent for the brain. It's simply excellent.

When i focused on these omega oils - and consumed what i've listed above - it took a few months to really get a balance back - but i am serious when i tell you that these oils have lifted brainfog, anxiety, improved cognition, my brain is completely on FIRE now! I can think clearly after years of being in a cloud of brain fog and brain fatigue.

I had such severe anxiety i literally could not function. I refused to take pharma pills for this as i know the damage they do to brain receptors.

EFA's radically reduced my anxiety. The fact you're working full time tells me that you can still function with your level of anxiety - so you are in a good position to alleviate anxiety by using nutritional approaches.

The other MAJOR approach i took which helped HUGELY my health conditions was using probiotics (I had a lot of severe issues which i have been healing myself and have made wonderful progress that i can now function and live life - check my old postings - i was completely lost within the hell of chronic illness and it took a LOT of learning about biochemistry to help correct imbalances and help my body heal)

Probiotics - i know there is some discord in the community about taking probiotics with leaky gut/auto immune issues - as some people can suffer from taking them. However when i learnt that many of these good species of bacteria are NEEDED to help repair the intestinal lining - i took the plunge and started on probiotics. I went for a 10 billion mixed species probiotic first. It helped some. I took it every other day to assess reaction. It's good to go slow :-) I then took some 'Yakult' - and that amazingly helped me feel 'calm' - i don't say that word lightly. To feel calm was such an alien feeling to me that i thought i would never experience it ever again - and with probiotics - mixed brands and bowel and mental health 'feeling' improved HUGELY.
I have continued on probiotics and take 50 billion upto 200 billion colony brands. Renew Life brand i like called 'extra care ultimate flore' 200 billion.
I prefer to take those that don't get destroyed by the stomach acid. Refrigerated probiotics therefore i found to be mediocre in their effect. Now they have better technology producing probiotics that don't get destroyed by stomach acidity.
Garden of Life also do a probiotic called 'Mood' - which i have heard good reviews for - i would take that if i was USA based.

So EFA's omega 3 - and probiotics - 2 things that are easily sourced, fairly cheap, yet make a HUGE difference to health.
I've tried many, many approaches...and spent thousands....the above 2 ingredients are what i now recommend people take and then work from there.

Don't expect overnight miracles...although to be honest i did have days of feeling wonderful after a slurp of Udo's Oil. It's a process to heal and if you take these 2 protocols and include them in your life - not religiously but certainly regularly - every other will see improvements.

I wish someone had told me this years ago, truly.
GOOD Fats for the brain AND Good bacteria for the gut - they are connected PHYSICALLY by the VAGUS NERVE - which runs from the gut to the brain and literally has 12 nerve ending that each wrap around the hemispheres of the brain. This nerve functions as a 'communcation hub' between your gut and brain. The gut tells the brain what the body needs.
With improved fats in your brain and improved gut bacteria the vagus nerve works MUCH better and you start to feel yourself come into balance.
Some people think that anxiety is a vagus nerve problem - yet with an atrophied brain from lack of fats and 'bad' bacteria in the gut - the 'dial up link' between the gut and brain is going to be giving SOS messages to the 'Alert Alert there's a problem!!' - which of course results in us feeling 'anxious/panic'.

I meditated myself to death, i did all the stuff they say to do to improve relaxation to eliminate anxiety - NOTHING WORKED....because anxiety is NOT a psychological issue, it's a physical imbalance within the body and the resulting anxiety felt is direct communication FROM the vagus nerve TO the consciousness of the person. It's primarily an 'alert' message being sent to the brain from the body.

Another wonderful 'Elixir' i would recommend you try is 'Gynostemma Tea'. It's an ancient herbal remedy, chinese, which has been recognised to help the body to a variety of ways. Look online about the benefits of it.
I can attest to it being wonderful. I have a couple of mugs per day and within 2 weeks i had more focus, brain energy, body energy. It works on all body systems. It really is worth trying. I have tried sooooo many remedies i now only recommend protocols which really shifted my health to a much better place.

You can focus on one little bit and another little symptom - and treat them all differently with tens of supplements - yet i found more success with treating the body as a whole, and treating the primary systems of function (gut and brain). From there you can then add other remedies as and when your purse and time allow.

Wishing you luck - you really CAN heal and feel even more amazing than you ever have. I never thought i would recover to the point i have as i was so far gone. You can truly turn your health around. Your body always wants to and knows how to heal...don't forget that :-)


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