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How to minimize weight gain post-fasting? by White Shark ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   12/7/2017 6:15:51 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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1. How to minimize weight gain post-fasting?

Strict discipline!

As strict as a person addicted to heroin.

Make a conscious decision to never again take heroin (wheat, milk, sugar, bear and other grains, in your case), and stick to it.

Consider yourself an addict to grains, milk and sugar.

To control your addiction, the easiest way is never to taste it again. Every time you taste grains or milk or sugar, or beer, you will want more, and you will easily gain 5-10 pounds in less than 1-3 days.

Strict discipline is the only way, or you will be like a Yo-Yo dieter the rest of your life, gaining and losing 30 pounds.

"Will I gain or lose weight while switching to juices and out of ketosis? "

Yes, you will. Unless the amount of juice consumed is so low, that you burn it very quickly.
Big part of weight gain during re-feeding is water, as big part of weight loss during Water Fasting is water loss.

As soon as you start consuming fruit juices, Sugar in fruit juices or carrot juices will kick you out of ketosis,
and your body will start storing both some water and some fat, and your weight will go up, unless you consume very small amount.

"Would ketosis take another 3 days to get going again, or would it restart more quickly? "

That depends on the amount of carbs you consume.

You can stay in ketosis even after you start eating, if you consume just fat and proteins.

If you consume carbs like cookies, carbs will immediately convert into sugars, and body will start burning sugars. Once sugars are gone, body will go back into ketosis, it will definitively take shorter time, if it was just one meal. But you will suffer hunger even more.

Psoriasis is just one of symptoms of dysbiosis, leaky gut and malfunctioning liver.
But, in comparison to teen acne, or seb-derm, this is more severe case of dysbiosis, leaky gut and malfunctioning liver.
It means, it will take longer to cure it, than for example teen acne, or Seborrheic Dermatitis .

Time it takes to cure Psoriasis is similar to the time it would take to cure a severe case of Adult Acne.

Water fasting may help cure Psoriasis, but there are no 100% cures with water fasting.
Some people get cured, but not all!!!!
The same is true with every single modality.

Combining several different approaches may speed up the healing !!!

Strict discipline with diet (no milk, no grains , no sugar, no fried oils, no junk , no processed meats, no industrially processed anything ) can eliminate Psoriasis in most people .

If Water Fasting does not cure it, there are many other ways to try:

- Fecal Transplant can also help cure leaky gut , dysbiosis, and Psoriasis;
- Liver Flushing can also help cure leaky gut, dysbiosis, and Psoriasis ;
- Iodine may help, if you are deficient, and many people are ;
- coffee enema may help cure it ;
- colostrum may help cure it ;
- probiotics may help ;
- Probiotics Enema may help ;
- yogurt enema may help ;
- Elimination-Rotation Diet can help too ;
- TCM may help !
- Taking sacred herbs internally that helps cure liver and intestines may help, like Essiac , Lapacho , burdock , slippery elm , etc

Good luck with your fasting!


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