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Re: day 18... my bm is still "regular" brownish? :o by #1277 ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   8/1/2005 11:43:01 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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What there's no room for is people making recomendations that are plain WRONG and when it is pointed out in a ***non confrontentional***  manner what is *actually* mentioned in the book they come back and pretend that this is what they had said all along and still ignore the *FACT* that it is metioned in a section for a particular *SPECIAL CONDITION* that the person that inquired made absolutly no indication that this was their case (diabetic).

Not only was the recomendation WRONG and only recomended in a *SPECIAL CONDITION* but also recommending it in a situation that is perfectly **NORMAL** and no need to change anything or have any cause for alarm. ******THAT******  is PRECISELY what there's "no room for in this forum"

If you are trully trying to be helpful as *I* attempted to be by presenting some USEFUL FACTS then contribute something/anything USEFUL and stay on subject and discuss the matter at hand and not interject with some useless pseudo do-gooder remark that contributes absolutly NOTHING and helps no one . *THAT* is what there's no room for here or anywhere else for that matter.  Like sargent Friday would say " Just the facts ma'am".......;+)

Have a nice day


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