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Licorice Gel Coating for Ulcer Pain - Awesome by r1deforever ..... Stomach Ulcer Support Forum

Date:   11/21/2017 5:36:31 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I have a discovered an awesome and effective way to coat the inside of your digestive track to protect it and allow it to heal using boiled linseed gel mixed with licorice root. This produces a clear gel impregnated with licorice that you can drink all day long as much as you like and it sticks to the walls of the GI Tract and heals them.
As a bonus you can add some soothing herbs recommended by Dr Christopher : bayberry, chickweed, mulein in equal amounts by weight.


900ml water
1 tbsp brown linseed
1 tbsp licorice root chopped
1 tbsp soothing herbs

Bring to boil quickly (5 minutes), simmer (15 minutes). Switch off, leave to cool (15 minutes). Strain and drink.
The exact times will depend on your brand of linseed and your burners, leave longer for thicker gel.

Brown linseed is better than golden linseed as it produces more gel and is more reliable.


If you can't help yourself eating bad foods like sugary things, then drink a lot of this gel before and after your sweets, and it will minimize the damage to your stomach.


You can also use the gel to deliver anti-candida products, if you omit the licorice and instead add in tbsp pau d'arco, and 1tbsp Black-Walnut ... then once again the medicine is delivered and stick to the walls of the stomach. However with candida you need a good plan to kill the candida quickly. Black-Walnut is strong and you should take it only as part of a plan and not long term.

My remedy has been to take a course of " parasite Clear" pills, 6 a day for 10 days. And at the same time take the linseed gel to help the GI tract to heal. After that take probiotics / kefir.


I also discovered that a low fodmaps / AIP diet is very good.


I am allergic to slipper elm so this is my solution.

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