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spooky 2 hype and bullshit by johnR89 ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   11/19/2017 8:46:40 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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After doing days of experiments and observations/measures (during several months) with the spooky 2 device, being open minded but skeptic at the same time, the results are weak, the objective proofs of what they claim are almost non existent (or please show me), that their device manage to kill parasites (worms) in a human body. But again anybody can say anything...

But worse than that, the level of bullshit has now reached peaks that even "paraseller" himself has never reached (mind blowing isn't it ?)

You may know about the (unproven) way to supposedly transmit a frequency at a distance using "scalar waves" (basically you put one drop of blood (or nail or hair) at the center of a kind of flat coil, and then the electric signal is going through the coil, and since it has an effect on your drop of blood, and since the drop of blood has a similar structure than all your blood, it is supposed to be able to have an effect at a distance (whatever the distance) on all the cells of your body... (and if we push the bullshit further, since the minerals in your plasma have a similar structure than the minerals in all others plasmas of all others human bodies, it supposedly has an effect in all humans... well that smells like nonsense already !)

But why stop here ? We are reasonable people, we can bullshit even more, ask for your wildest fantasies and we will provide :
the spooky 2 team (or some of his contributors) now claim that it is possible to reproduce the effects of a specific substance like a drug or a part of an herb or a supplement, only using frequencies, but of course, no details is given on how the frequencies where measured/found (i bet they used dowsing or some similar unreliable technique...), and of course no significant effects are observed/measured when using these frequencies. (compared to when you use the real substance...

No, i am not critical of everything, at least, as i said, this was entertaining to play with this software/device (and i sincerely hope, that someday, this tech will really work, but for now, nothing worth, and quite costly...)

Keep in mind people : "anybody can say anything" (but this does not mean this is true/real)

(but i encourage anybody to keep researching and experimenting and observing/measuring, that's how progress is made)


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