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Re: Treating parasites with hydrogen peroxide by lizsocal ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/14/2017 11:58:35 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hello Used2bmor and Hello All.. this is my first post so it may get a little lengthy. On second thought I believe I posted once before. So I, too, am in So Cal. A lifer. Ive got problems. Nearly 100% certain the biggest threat is S Haematobia. It's killing me pain-wise. Perhaps otherwise as well. I had been naive to this sort of thing. Imagine we all were until it hit. At the point that I was certain something was really wrong, I went to Loma Linda University Medical Center ER. Thats where I got my first taste of, "You think you have what?" No tests associated with parasites were administered. My BP was sky high. Someone was in taking it about every 15 min. They ran a CT Scan of my head and nothing more. Dr dismissed me saying theres nothing wrong with your head or neck (location of initial symptoms). I stopped him as he tried to leave. Told him I KNOW something's up. "Nope youre fine. Go ahead & get dressed." i reached down to grab my clothes, the back of the hosp gown opened revealing my back & neck. He came back. "Have you been scratching your back or neck?" "No, not at all." "Are you sure?" "Yes Im sure. It doesnt itch. if it did, i couldnt reach it anyway." "Its just that it looks like youve been scratching nearly all of your back. You probably just dont remember doing it. Get dressed." straight to the mirror when i got home. Red lines and marks everywhere. I knew exactly what it was in my mind though I never would have seen it had he not made the comments. Over the course of the last 2 years, Ive had a number of odd skin rashes. 5 large red patches. I have a small tattoo of a lizard on my lower back. It was puffed up beyond belief. Assume the body reacting to the infestation. My PCP saw me and he pseudo-chuckled when i told him "It feels like theres a worm or worms where the back of my neck meets the base of my skull. He actually spoke out loud as he noted my chart, "Patient believes there are worms in her head." He started talking to me about my home life, love life, parents, friends asked if i minded taking a quick test. At the conclusion he informed me that I had severe Depression .. "Youd be depressed if you had parasites inside you as well." He referred me to a GYN. (I was having left side groin pain.) I had a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Call the next day told me i have a complex pelvic mass with both liquid and solid qualities. I have separation in my sacral. They sent me for a CA-125 (cancer marker test.) She gave me a pelvic. This time I took a couple samples with me. Told her what I suspected and that I brought a couple small samples ... and would she look at them or send them to the lab? Response: "I wouldnt even know who to call or where to begin. Would you like me to get my staff on it, make some phone calls to find out how to handle this? Of course I said "No." Shot down 3 times. Given psych test, a note in my chart that I think i have worms." That was so condescending. I never went back to him. Prick. Since then its been me and the Internet against these things inside me. I must have close to 1000 photos. To look at my phone is repulsive. I keep it locked so no accidental sightings occur and word get out. Ive tried Turmeric, ACV, lemon, drinking baking soda, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds. There have been times that i could feel a definite reduction in infestation but it never lasts long. Today i was looking into Bentonite Clay and Food Grade DE. I also saw a Food Grade Hydro Peroxide. Curious about all 3 of them. i cut out all sugar. I turned my life over to broccoli, spinach things i never could stand the thought of but now i love. But the pain is growing substantially now. My groin and lower back. Any given time i can insert a tissue into my ears or nose, twist it a time or two and there is always 2 or 3 specimen ... tonight i pulled 5 from my right nostril. They are small but always present. Im constantly snorting/spitting. What comes out is bubbly sputum. Most of the time you can plainly see the schisto. But i dont want the "cough up and swallow" which is their goal. Oh I also went in for an MRI. The attendant couldnt inject the die into my vein. I remember her saying "hmm thats strange.its like your veins are tangled and hardened." I realize its been 8 months since the OP posted. Since we're likely no more than 30 minutes from one another, Im curious what happened. I also welcome any sage advice. My veins feel like theyre going to explode. its very painful. My eyes are glazed. My smile has all but disappeared. And WHY does the CDC continue to state on their website that "Although the worms that cause Shistosomiasis are not found in the United States. Really? Tell that to me dying body. How dare you say that. I've never been off the North American continent. That means I got this in your America damnit. You need to swallow your pride and help us. Dont wait until its completely out of control. I would like to post some pics. Im very tired & hurting and want to go to bed. Will try to come back tmro and post some of these. A handful of them are simply amazing. not in a good way. just a good close-up of actual creatures (not renderings, not microscope photos -- real life). Ill be more succinct next post. felt like i should provide background. Thanks guys & gals Liz

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