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Re: Ongoing detox?? by susie21 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   11/13/2017 2:45:39 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi, I got very bad with terrible palpitations and extreme anxiety, plus the sensation of toxins being forced into the lymph in my arms which actually came out in bruises, bed bound for 3 months. You need to find the root cause, as what's happening with you is the toxicity that the Iodine has released your body cant process so your liver will just be dumping it around the body, as it is in a state of alarm. You have stagnant dry lymph firstly, and that would of already have been there - but you would have been coping with it until you tried to push more toxins into an already overloaded system, that's what is causing your detox. The root cause for being unable to detox may take a bit more digging. In my case it was the inability to break down B6 and therefore use zinc and magnesium properly. This is a common genetic metabolic disorder (10 -12% of the population), where B6 and zinc get bound up with heme iron in the blood and goes out through the urine. I was diagnosed with this (pyroluria) only recently. My treatment is to remove all grains, pulses and fats from the diet and have only clean protein, vegetables and fruit. Skin brushing, Epsom Salt baths, and yoga to help shift the stagnant lymph, and water/ coffee enemas weekly to release it. The supplements are broken down B6 (pyridoxil-5-phosphate), zinc picolinate, 400mg of elemental magnesium citrate daily, at least a tablespoon of lecithin granules, and a very good quality multi (I use supamag plus which is iron and copper free and no nasty fillers). This may or may not be your problem but it is gentle naturopathic treatment so worth a try if you are at a dead end. I keep seeing people on here with bad detox stuffing more and more supplements. You cannot utilize masses of supplements with dry lymph, it will just cause more congestion. As for fats, at the moment you liver can't process them and will do just fine with dietary fat.

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