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Unknow illnes , Candida , Parasties ? by chronicill ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   10/27/2017 6:32:50 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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If anybody knows i have white vertical bar on my nails sometimes its more showing sometimes not. it can be yest infection ? also i feel pain under and over nail. on heand and feet.

i also have pain under right side liver area , ofcourse Ultra sound dont show nothing same as liver blood test and kidney. i do realize that i have some infection in my body But dont know how to start ? if i have yest infection then its from something else that dip down my imuune system. cuz i didnt take any Antibiotics from last 10 years. i dont have any flu , dont have any BM problems like diareha or consti. i have lots of energy i think even to mutch. but i feal internaly like shit. i have all clasic symptoms of parasites , candida , angry liver , lyme , just dont know what is the mail issue of my heatlh problems.

My doctor imidlitly tell my i have yeast overgroth but he sais that FIRST i must heal what cuz it. cuz always there is first SOMETHING then yeast infection. My immune system is fighting with something else thats why he cant hang in check yeasts. any ideas ? how to start ? ofcurse diet changing is number 1

and yes i already done milions of tests / mri/ct/ana /blood test , Red blood test , etc the only thing was ciurius i take candex before one of blood tests and i get high neutrophils wich means bacteria or yeast. i think candex brake down some biofilms.

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