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Been struggling with parasites for a while, really need some advice. by ZaWarudo ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/22/2017 10:53:38 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I'm reaching out because I've been suffering for many years with what I (relatively recently) found to be a severely chronic case of parasites. I'll go into detail so as to be completely transparent SO be warned, this is long, but necessary to get the full picture.

I basically started out about 7 years ago having to quit college because I was under the impression that I was suffering from a very intense case of candida over growth. All my joints were affected, my eyes always burned, couldn't look at monitors or screens of any kind without them feeling like they were going to melt. Couldn't use my legs or arms without massive pain that was outside of a menial task like eating and such. However digestion seemed to be fine. I thought it was simply candida because I had a huge bout of recurring kidney stones on and off about every 3 months and kept receiving prescription Antibiotics as well. I had received Antibiotics for numerous other ailments that sometimes were not even needed but given to me anyway. So at this point I had decided to start a strict anti-candida diet and cut out all sugars/starches/fruits/grains and that seemed to stop things from getting worse. I went to a naturopath to help me deal with with it. It took a few months until he gave me some high quality digestive enzymes and I started getting die off, like insane die off the instant I started eating anything or any time I took those pills. So I thought to myself, YES! the solution to my problems finally. HOWEVER, fast forward to just after about a year of aggressively trying to topple over it just nothing was working there had been zero improvement. We even did 50g of VitC intravenously every week (which helped tremendously until one day it just stopped helping). In fact, at one point the naturopath had suggested I may have leaky gut. So we tried doing dome work on leaky gut, so I asked him if theres anything to help clean out my system as maybe theres some blockages, who knows. He gave me psyllium husks and after about 3-4 days, my stomach/belly button area felt super bloated and the feeling didn't go away (so I stopped taking it) then after a couple more days it felt like razor blades had just ripped through me. Constant bloated like cramping pain. If I lie still I could feel and see my stomach throbbing it was so bad.
Now after this I started for a good 3-4 months of taking everything I could possibly find that is supposed to aid leaky gut, I felt absolutely no improvements. I took GI revive, L-Glutamine (10 g/day and still taking it) Bone Borth, aloe vera and licorice root. Nothing helped.
Fast forward a bit and we do some blood tests at an infectious disease specialist because my naturopath thinks that there's an underlying infection, so they find that I have "low grade" numbers on my antibodies for rocky mountain spotted fever and bartonella. So I think oh great! we've found the thing that's been stopping the candida from dying off. Doctor prescribes me powerful Antibiotics , I feel like complete and utter shit at first, but after 2-3 days, feel fantastic for a couple days or so. That quickly ends and I start to feel terrible again. Months go by and I keep feeling worse and worse. Until finally Naturopath decides to try doing parasite work. NOW, this is where things get interesting. He gives me these homeopathic drops called "R56" by Dr.Reckeweg and Black-Walnut formula in a tincture by St.Ftancis. Just after 2 days my stomach had already felt so much improvement. The first 2 weeks- a month I was feeling great. So good that it felt like I was going to be better real soon. Then all of a sudden things kinda halted. I forgot to mention, during this whole ride with my naturopath I've constantly been having die off symptoms or immune reactions, whatever it is. So progress kind of paused yet again until I decide to tell him how I read about cycling and taking it for a week on and a week off or 2 weeks on and one off. That seemed to help a bit, but nothing, absolutely nothing has been the same profound level of relief I had gotten that first month. I've been on the cleanse for over 4 months now. I'm getting so frustrated and discouraged because one day my body will feel like it's feeling better or getting some more control over things, but then the next day it will do a complete 180 and the die off will be so bad that I can't sit in a room without a heavy sweater because my body will be freezing, can't speak to anyone because my hormones are just so out of wack and my energy is next to zero. My stomach or belly button area will also go back to that bloated crampy throbbing feeling and I'll get periods of intense night sweats while waking up in the middle of the night. I get brief periods of fissures sometimes that just randomly appear out of nowhere. Could be related to when I eat seeds, but I chew them REALLY well when I do until they're like a liquid and it's never a lot (never used to have a problem with seeds). My rectum has never fully recovered since the first fissure I had about 3 months ago. It always feels like I'm sitting on sand paper. and feels different daily, I can feel improvement's/worse symptoms when I take parasite stuff. I've also developed these odd markings on my abdomen that look reminiscent of the milky way galaxy and theres a red almost rash like mark right on the centre of my sternum that keeps growing. It's not so much itchy as it is painful sometimes. I've been trying to change things up by doing different parasite treatments, but nothing seems like it's able to overcome it. I'll have days where I'm going to the bathroom 3-4 times because my system is clearly aggravated, but every time I check my stool I can't really tell if what I'm seeing is a parasite or Tapeworm segments. Because my diet is still anti- everything most of my diet is plant fibre and so anytime I think I see something, I'm thinking it's probably plant fibre cuzz it doesn't really look like the images I've seen people share. So my question is, is all of this normal? Is there something I'm overlooking or not doing? I am so desperate and really need some advice. Not even my naturopath is confident in what direction he thinks we should take anymore :/

Just wanted to note, I was taking 50 drops of the st.francis Black-Walnut formula 3x a day before. I took a break from that and taking a New Roots pill formula called "purge parasites" at 3pills 3x a day with meals. I also take AOR Pro-Bio SAP, AOR Liver Support, BIo-Gest digestive enzymes with all meals, have been eating pumpkin seeds non-stop (in a veggie smoothie), coconut oil 1-2x a day and recently started taking water kefir, but have always been taking a probiotic by NFH called pro-bio sap.

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