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Re: Strongyloide/ Roundworm rash from hell! Help needed.. by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   9/22/2017 4:48:14 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I wish it were true, but in the first group of BCC, it was not.

Over half 50% of the group had threadworm symptoms on taking meds, and plastic shot out skin. It supprized me to find it, I had looked for 2 years. Levamisole causes them to pop out of skin, for me third month, explosive infection. Some show red feet in 2 days on nominal dosing. Some have skin wounds that appear. There seam to be many types of threadworms, all with similar kind of skin symptoms that confirm the diagnosis. Callus is common for many, but cysts pop out on arms, legs, feet, etc ears are so common it was scary, and new news, that is why I put something up on the forum.

RED Thread worm infection rate of over 50% is significant, and many do not know they have one.

So from my perspective, threadworms is a real possibility, and known to attract a dozen specific red species.

It does not matter your test was negative, many in our group were negative, but had threadworms anyway.

Using the threadworm formula one had a bad flatworm infection that had explosive kills when red and flatworm formula combined.

White worm infections with red worm infections did poorly when meds combined, need lower doses.

Red worms and threadworm formulas have been combined with success. Easy. Works so well it is scary.

Two in our first group had dirofilaria, DEC took it out, but it was a slow and risky process.

Toxocara was hard for one, easy for a few.

Ascaris is hard on everyone. I can do a list. The beauty of data is it helps get to things that work faster than bobble around on formula.

Getting into a kill requires metals, minerals, DNA setting, Immune setting, and other startup supplements, pH, enzyme supplements, etc.

Once configured correctly, killing is kind of strait forward.

Flat worms easiest kind of.
Whites take a migration and movement strategy, sulfur to clear nests.

Reds is the final chapter in this unexpected experience. REDS were a bit tougher, and few meds work here, but we have figured out several creative uses.

Oils, Sulfur solvent on skin, and other fine tuning is going on now.

Cyst management, and RED cycle issues is kind of what is being worked on now.

Hypo pigment is reds.

I do not care you tested negative, you have them.

I have found that the red med formula, can bring half a dozen species out, when there are no symptoms at all, or just a hint of symptoms. Initially we tune the formula to get into remission at the fastest possible rate, then challenge to determine the rest of the situation going on with an infection.

So basically challenge supplement for safety, supplement for balance, do some low dose meds, and start challenge test with red meds.

It gets at the bad guys first.

Sometimes DEC and PZQ can be used to help id parasites that are hard to find. They expose their pattern, cycles, or stages, so we can figure them out.

Half a teaspoon of Praziquantel keeps flats in stasis, saves 2 months of playing around, skip them unless the infection is so huge, it must be addressed first. We have done a RED and Flat simultaneously, and it does not seam to cause large problems with more than toxins, which require a daily routine.

Dosing White meds below the killing threshold weakens them without creating a war.

That is the way to begin, after a history, and initial read of the situation is done.


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