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Re: Incurable Mind of Exfoliative Cheilitise by piersad ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   8/31/2017 11:51:21 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I can show you video of what I have as I post on youtube.

#1 Outside of Lips = Standard Exfoliative Cheilitis.

If I use no products my lips look like standard exfoliative cheilitis & look like dry scales adhered to my lips. If I open my mouth big (like one would at a dentist visit) the skin rips & I am left with cuts. When I use virtually all products (lip bams, wax, oils, aloe vera, etc) the skin on my lips becomes soggy/moist & after some hours the skin loosens & can come off by either touch [NOT HEAVY PULLING] or it will fall off like onto a straw as I only drink liquids using a straw now due to my cheilitis. After time this problem becomes quite bad & my lips turn raw & look like someone who just started having pemphigus vulgaris. For about 5-6 years I could treat my horrible dryness discomfort with aquaphore immediate relief but my lips increasingly get worse/more sensitive/skin turns over more quickly as my doctor mentioned my cellular growth is awry so i can no longer use things like aquaphore, vaseline, etc long term since skin turns raw/infected = severe problems eating, drinking, speaking = me considering hospitalization; similar to pemphigus vulgaris situations nutrition/fluid intake wise.

My lips are water phobic so if water touches my lips they become soggy, turn white, some skin comes apart & turns into keratin scale flaps - standard shitty exfoliative cheilitis.

In my case here is where things take a turn for the unusual/strange.

* I have other problems besides my outer lips exfoliative cheilitis but they are inconsistent & to my knowlesge have only popped up in 2017 aka things seem to be generally getting worse. These other later features im about to mention are to my knowledge not the standard exfoliative cheilitis people on this website but my Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologist told me that some people only get exfoliative cheilitis on their lips [most people on curezone] while some people get exfoliative problems in their mouth [idk anyone] while some people are misfortunate enough to experience both problems aka me. lucky me. but idk if i believe my doctor as my inner lip/mouth problems are inconsistent in timing & seem to be connected to topical steroid use or something else I'm 100% unaware of.

#2 Inner Lip white ulcer-looking patches

#3 tongue ulcers

#4 mouth ulcers

#5 thick "mucus" in the back of my throat * this has been consistent & since 2011. sometimes there is just coughable mucus & sometimes it just feels like a "mucus-like-substance" at the back of my throat where someone took a standard glue stick & rubbed the back of my throat.

Once I learn how to post videos/pictures here I will do that but wordpress & youtube are better/easier

#2 Inner Lips


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