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My death sentence, more cyst than man. by RetiredOne ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/16/2017 6:00:38 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Edit: half my message got left out.

I had went into great detail with my history but half my message was lost and not posted :( I have a bad infection of parasites round or tape and now I have cysts that are pain on the back side of my legs. I have had GI problems for about 8 years, but in the last 3 years they are more frequent with me having to vomit bile after every bowel movement, and sometimes when I get hungry, but always when I have a bowel movement.
I think there is a cyst blocking my bile duct or disrupting my liver.
Recently was referred to an oncologist because of a swollen salivary gland. After a few visits and tests he diagnosed me with Porphyria. I know this is the result of having a parasite infection for years, I don't use drugs or drink alcohol which is usually the culprit. The porphyria diagnosis requires me to start taking a drug called Plaquenil, but before I start taking it I have to be cleared by an eye doctor. They say the medicine can be toxic to your eyes. Coincidentally I was going to ask for an eye doctor referral anyway because of the larva swimming in my eyes, I can't see at times. So this works out. Should I mention to the eye doctor that I see these things in my eyes or maybe they will just see them? I am seriously considering going in there with a heavy heart and telling them look I know you are an eye doctor but hear me out. Then show him photos and let him feel the cysts, I am convinced you cannot feel these cysts on my legs and not be alarmed as a medical professional. I should mention that I ordered duramectin, ivermectin for a horse and took about 200lb dose everyday until it was gone. I took this with coconut greek yogurt and DE, also drank a lot of high pulp organic orange juice during this time. I passed at least 4 long worms on different occasions. This was 9 days ago since the last dose was taken. Yesterday I passed the longest worm I have seen, I am not sure what made this come out, I have been drinking real sour grapefruit juice and water, no Sugar at all and only eating fresh fruit, primarily pineapples. Did not take a pic of this one just let it go down the drain- sometimes now I am just like what is the point they don't believe me anyway and I can always snap a photo of the next one. I can post some pictures I have no problem with that, there are many on my google drive, but whatever I have it forms cysts throughout the body and it's very hard to kill, because I have passed adults and enemas after yielding droves of babies. I need advice, not a protocol, or hell maybe a protocol, but more just wondering what I can do to not die from this. I don't think I can wipe this out with herbal remedies or meds online, I think I need surgery or something at this point. Please put my mind at ease or point me in the right direction, either one will be welcomed, I am desperate and want my life back, I am too young to die from something as treatable as this.

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