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Acetaldehyde, alcohol, candida, past alcoholism by #182287 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/2/2017 6:34:15 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I have been reading about autointoxication from acetaldehyde, an alcohol byproduct. I was a serious bingedrinker as a teenager. I really slowed down in my 20s but still occasionally drank. I quit drinking n smoking cigs for about a yr n got severely deathly ill a few days after I started a little agn. Suddenly had a permanent hangover for over the past decade, since late 2006, a billion times worse than a hangover. I often wake up feeling like I just got loaded the nite before when I haven't drank a drop since apr 2012. Is it possible I have candida, don't most people have candida? I DO NOT have obvious symptoms like thrush or obvious itchy white yeast infections though, like some have, but would I probably have some intestinal infection n sinus infection from it. One issue i have, feels like mucus is trapped in my eustachian tubes n i have central vestibular disorder accompanied by many symptoms, ear disorder that causes many things. But I have over 20-30 symptoms of mold poisoning n have a mold intolerance. I have at least 20 diagnoses from drs. Too much to list. I thought I'd die for the longest time, still sometimes do..i alao had 2 mercury Amalgams removed, improved a lot after. is there still a buildup of acetaldehyde in my body possibly or ethanol?

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