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Re: Killing MYCOTOXINS - help please by Damienbaby ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   6/25/2017 8:41:18 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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My story is pretty sad, in a nutshell 2 years ago I lived in a home that 1 (found out after the fact) that the 4 residence building had been condemned since 2006! Ok, so I lived in the home for two years, one day I noticed the wall was soft and my boyfriend literally peeled off the dry wall as if nothing and with knowlage replaced the drywall and figured it was a poorly sealed fireplace. Now, I lived in the garage part of the house that was not properly insulated ... How can I explained that when that airborn s@& was released from the wall it was over. It was always bad in that home like strange things, my dog was constantly having problems and acting weird and ppl that would come would have itchy eyes and some who came a lot would get weird rashes. I just didn't realize it was that. :( The day that happend I was sick in bed for 3 days.. in a confused state and that' was the least of my problems i lived with my cat and 130pound Rottweiler that was 7 and went to training class 2 times a week his whole life. Strong happy super healthy. He was my everything... ... I don't want to relive this and frankly am just saying the story rather than just getting to the question because it's important to kno the severity of it.. So I got the city's attention they condemned the building, while that in prosses and me trying to relocate the four tenets were illegally evicted (I mean if he illegally rented in the first place right) I put my things in storage, yes my dog died, and my life has never been the same. That was two years ago.... Now, here's the problem, I'm at my moms house and Iv done some homework on the mold, but I don't kno what to do still. I have my things in a climate controlled storage but I live in Miami and the second that mold hits the truck I KNOW cause Iv seen it literally grow overnight on EVERYTHING .. I was aware of this when putting my things in storage, I just figured when the time came I'll throw out the obvious .... Pretty much everything it can live in, I just didn't want to loose my clothes shoes n purses hats ext.... I'm a danced/model / performer and have an elite dressing room... Had :( I got another storage and figured I'll bring little loads at a time to my moms, throw out pretty much everything, separate my clothes and put in the new storage.... But now I brought the first load and I'm terrified to contaminate her home, I washes some clothes and threw out the obvious but now what? I kno its here and it's so strong I can smell it... And when I finally do get all my clothes in storage ... Then how do I kill the mold there? Am I bringing it with me everywhere I go if I'm back n forth to my storage ?

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