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Dying all my life. by TrishP333 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/28/2017 1:58:33 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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My name is Trish and I am 30 years old. I have posted on here many times and honestly I don't know how I'm still alive right now except for the power of Jesus Christ. That being said I really need some help. I told a long time ago about how my fiance ( who by the way just recently got hit by a car and is in the hospital with brain damage of smashed pelvis and broken leg and her family won't let me see her after being with her 24/7 for two-and-a-half years . My life is s*** I think that we are in hell ) she pushed in between my breasts something popped a feel like hot sticky spider webs were spreading down my stomach and ever since then they have been climbing higher and higher. For years before that I had an intolerance to cold in my ribcage I would be doubled over with pain from it. But as it went up and up I could feel it wrapping around like a Tapeworm only it would go higher than you would expect.

I was sitting watching a movie with her about 2 years ago and something cracked in the side of my head and something fell down now it is gathered up my spine and seems to live in my boob on the left hand side. But this thing has spread out till I can hardly swallow I can reach in the back of my throat and push on it and it pushes back. It has somehow gotten up into my head and my actual head has shrunk. This is only not even a quarter of the nightmare that I have been going through. I have been spraying neem oil on me I have been taking Black-Walnut Wormwood and turmeric and black pepper and cayenne like in water. I have been taking an herbal parasite cleansing protocol. But this thing is as big as a snake. And when I saw it on the ultrasound the kind they put up your vagina it was hanging there like really far down and the technician mouth the words what is that but then turn the screen and told me nothing is there. I have been on the dark side of this for a long time because I've been scared. I understand all about waking up and blah blah blah. I don't care anymore all I want to know is if I can get this thing out of me before it successfully takes my life. Oh yeah and the little ones in my chest look like huge nematodes they're all spirally period they are gross I want them gone I literally can feel them when they're Pathways one board into the bottom gums of my jaw and I can feel it moving all the time. I can push it with my tongue. I honestly feel like my throat is being dragged down my neck. I have felt something that seemed to be a hair but pulled taut like a fishing wire almost cut through one of the muscles in my neck and up the side of my face. I know how this sounds I don't really care because I know it to be true and I just need to know what to do. And like I said this is only half of my symptoms not even. They seem to be roped around my chest like they feel knobby almost it's really terrible.

I am sick and tired of waiting for the second that my neck snaps. I can hear my bones back there cracking all the time and groaning and creaking and it sounds like freaking aluminum foil. I have been diagnosed with Morgellons and I don't mean by a doctor who thinks I'm crazy I mean by one who actually treats it but unfortunately I'm not anywhere near him right now I just don't know what to do. Please help me. I am literally broke as a joke from this crap and all alone in a state that I despise. I don't have money to buy things so please don't tell me too I cannot even afford my own food right now. I will soon be homeless and it is directly related to this. The love of my life is in the hospital and I can't see her. My chin and throat and neck and face and chest and shoulders and back and stomach basically have been taken over and wrapped around and around and around around. And that's not even half of it. I am in torment night and day. My head is being squeezed. I'm just going to shut up now but you get the point period only the power of God you keep me alive the way I am right now. Because this is infestation at its worst. Oh and I also did live in a basement for a long time that had centipedes spiders mold exposed wires Etc.

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