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Re: Strongyloide/ Roundworm rash from hell! Help needed.. by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   5/25/2017 10:20:56 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Red worm infections come in all sizes.

Red worm cycles, trending towards hyper or rapid growth occurs if birth meds are not carefully dosed.

HLTV-1 virus is known to make strongyloides tougher. Antivirals help.

When they birth, irregardless of the adult size, the small size and attraction to skin substances can cause intense itch, especially when on antiparastics that kill adults.

It is well known that people that have red worm infections, can have several species all at one time.

Strongyloides are associated with red rashes, local to back, and belly. Others report various locations.

Strongyloidae are known to have strange vibration patterns, start, stop, travel in a circle, anywhere in body.

Thread worms burn, especially near eyes and ears.

Strongyles can tunnel into bone easily. Travel up and down legs or GI is frequent and in a pattern some times.

Many report muscle, tendon, joint issues.

Red worms unlike white worms, are not real sinus pluggers, but they can cause some acid drip while you sleep.

Few meds deliver knock out punches for red worm infections.

Through trial and error, reports, and others that have success in red worm infections like Sharkman, a list of effective meds is appearing.

Pyrantel 250mg 6-9 pm in yogurt, with a teaspoon of nPPZ (Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 12:1 extract). Some do this twice a day during bad GI infections. Typical pain just as you go to bed tells you Pyrantel is working.

Std dose of IVM 9PM to bedtime help with sleep. Various pulse patterns that range from 2 days on 2 days off, to every other day, or a string of days in a row to knock down brain fog situations.

IVM and CQ10 can be topically applied to the skin, keep dose to std dose.

MOXI can be topically applied to the skin, keep the dose below a std dose, MOXI has a half life of 20 days, so take small doses, and do not overdose this one.

DOXY works well if you have shit breath, taken in the PM more than AM, dosing of 100mg can be done 2X or even 3X during these birth experiences. Fog is a late indicator of a birth event.

DOXY can help quickly remove itch for certain species.

Levamisole 50mg/cap 3X per day is kind of a standard to improve immune function, decrease red worm population.

Dosing LEV in a long slow ramp will go after adults, and keep birthing within the limits of IVM and DEC to suppress birthing. Dosing LEV above 2.5 - 3 mg/kg causes so much birthing it makes control hard. Slower 1.25 to 2.5mg/kg reduces the population in 4 to 6 weeks.

Acid throat, or lung births, stool changes, intense itch almost anywhere, vision, fog or other changes indicate birthing is occuring.

I choose to dose LEV a bit tougher in the early PM afternoon, and like to change up IVM with the Pyrantel, to sleep and prevent any birth conversions into new worms.

The week point of treating red worms is the total kill of babies.

Unlike white worms that work on longer time scales, red worms can go from birth to worms in 24 hours or less. This mean intervention with a dose of IVM or DEC needs to occur when birthing is happening.

DEC is a risky med if never taken, we start at 50mg and increase 50mg every 12 hours, till 400mg dose is achieved (or 3.53mg/kg). DEC is able to suppress blood borne juveniles, suppressing the parasite spread. I use it as a next day, I missed IVM, or had a birth without IVM in place, or just missed it and do not want to let them multiply and cause fog/CNS issues.

Typically if I wake up with acid throat, I know birthing occurred when I slept and a dose of DEC is required like 10AM with a banana to prevent GI upset.

Yeast or other infections could pop up during a lot of red worm killing.

The ability to sense red worms is extremely subtle, as compared to white worms, and once the population is reduced, become even harder and harder to anticipate. This is where a dosing pattern is essential. Eventually the tongue white coating will fade, and health will return.

FenBen also is known to knock down infections, 4mg/kg women, 5mg/kg men.

Typical stretch of 30 days should knock down an infection significantly, and thereafter a pulse pattern may be employed.

FenBen is typically tried in a framework or in combination with Albendazole. Total dosing days in a single course of the med is 180 days. Use FenBen with some restraint.

Garlic is a daily supplement. Plenty of MSM or other natural sulfur, or sulfates help clear the urea pee worms leave in nests, speeding the removal of these areas.

Carnitall may also be of benefit.

Once a infection is in remission, maintenance is required to clear out cysts that can remain 3 years.


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