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Re: A Vegan No More - The Story of a Recovering Vegan by atomic1 ..... Diet & Nutrition Support Forum

Date:   5/5/2017 4:25:32 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Thank you so much for your article. I have tried to become vegan several times, I deeply care about animals and the planet. But I could not last - perhaps because I was never as healthy as you before going vegan, I almost instantly felt extremely ill whenever I tried a strict vegan diet. It's been a cause of ethical struggles for me and I have been searching for answers. I started supporting Super Meat initiative - a way of producing meat in a lab without killing or even causing pain to animals - it sounds like a great idea for the future, but as for now, I eat meat that comes from flesh of living beings.

Long time ago I read about hunters at the far North - that every time they went hunting, they prayed before entering the forest and they thanked the animal they killed.

I also read another thing - about food chain and death - that death is a part of the life circle and as humans we stand at the top of the food chain receiving life force from all other animals, but when we die - we feed the most humble of creatures - worms and insects - that's how what we've received returns to the mother earth, and feeds her and her smallest children.

Now whenever I eat, it's similar to a holy communion for me. I always say Thanks - not to an abstract god, but to the Mother, to the animals and plants that give me life, and people who worked on the way of my food travelling to my plate. I sometimes bow in front of my plate - because what's on it, is holy to me. This practice of being grateful and humble made me realise how abundant my life is, how rich I am, how I receive life every day from this wonderful planet. And I do know that when the day comes - I will give it back to the Mother, to the plants and the animals. My life - so generously nourished and sustained by other lives, will also one day become a seed of life for others.

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