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need help please by Ralph74 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/8/2017 11:31:26 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Im really confused now. I am dropping my current functional medicine coach (she was useless) and consulting with a new one next week and then consulting with Dr Nirala Jacobi in April. I am very keen to start a regimen to address my blasto, candida and SIBO but there are multiple issues at play. 1. do i try Alinia, herbals or both? 2. which herbals and what dose and for how long? 3. if i am sensitive to the herbals do i still use them? i try to incorporate spore-based probiotics on this regimen ? 5. since every thing flares up my histamine problems how can i successfully complete a protocol if i am in pain and suffering the whole time? I feel completely overwhelmed. also whenever i start a supplement that causes a histamine flare or constipates me i get really irritable and scared and usually stop it immediately. its hard for me to stick with anything that gives me any type of side effect. in the middle of this i am losing more weight since cutting out Sugar and reducing carbs, still just eating 6 foods and i am literally starving all the time. and of course the symptoms of bloating and digestive distress continue. This has become a living hell and i seriously feel like jumping out of my window sometimes since it seems like the easiest solution. I was on a mission to try bee propolis for a few weeks since its an antihistamine, antiparasitic and anticandida and i read so many good things about it. i took 1/4 of a capsule yesterday and feel a histamine reaction today so i stopped. now im wondering if i should try it for a few weeks but take a histamine enzyme with each dose. again i have no idea what to do, and on top of it all my gut biome is probably not diverse enough due to the limited diet, sorry for the venting. any suggestions to help relax my brain and get me on track would be much appreciated thanks

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