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How I cured my Body Odor by indiana1 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   2/17/2017 1:12:23 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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I had terrible Body Odor that was coming from under my breasts, vagina, breath, nose, behind my ears and anytime I would sweat. I took spironolactone for an illness and it completely threw my body chemistry off, is what started it. NOTHING I did could rid me of the odor. Within minutes of taking a long shower, my body would smell EXTREMELY strong again.

I went to the gun range with a friend a couple of years ago and he could smell the odor coming from my pants and breasts. It was so strong that even with clothes on, it filled the room. It made me withdraw from society.

I stumbled upon the combination that neutralized my body chemistry within 5 weeks. They are: magnesium, zinc and NIACIN. I have seen some that have realized that zinc and magnesium help Body Odor , but you're missing niacin in the combination. Please take zinc in the morning and magnesium at night, as zinc and magnesium compete for absorption. The niacin should be split in 3 doses. I took 1000 mg of magnesium (magnesium glycinate lysinate chelate), 100 mg of elemental zinc (zinc sulfate heptahydrate 440 mg total, but it has 100 mg of elemental zinc within), and 1500 mg of niacin (nicotinic acid -flush kind - immediate release ONLY).

By this combo working for me, there is no other Body Odor that it should not cure. I went to a concert last year and even with my legs closed, the entire area around me was fumed. It was emanating from my entire body. Please stop suffering and take the combo. Magnesium is involved in metabolizing hormones and other chemical in the body and niacin detoxes the skin and body systems. Don't overthink it, just take them. I took magnesium and zinc for a month before I noticed a reduction of odor of 60%. When I added niacin for a week, 99% of the odor was gone within days.


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