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Re: Root canal removal still fatigued lol smh help by Robert14 ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   1/30/2017 9:39:08 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Low Vitamin d

Not sure if u got other message bad phone data but there are only few things that I can add up I did come back from mexico weeks prior but I felt fine tho I didn't suspect that it's when I got back and someone in my family passed away (mom) 2 weeks later bam I got sicker than I ever gotten in my life went to doc they found strep bacteria swab sore throat swollen lymph in the groin it was bad they gave me Antibiotics I suspect that messed me up I had massive diarrhea it was bad to it wasn't even stools it was pure water I drink a cup of water it would come right out the hole as water I was terrified since that day I haven't been same I did digging on here and tryed to eliminate any potential issues I did have a root canal that was infected so I removed it when I finally did I felt a load off me but it's weird can a,infected root canal just suddenly make u sick in one day I don't know how suspect that is I feel Antibiotics played a roll or a combo or things I just don't know this is a silent problem

Whatever the problem is it doesn't show itself on the outside no rash or skin issues nothing just adrenal problems I suspected candida or some type of gut imbalance but shouldn't I have Constipation or diarrhea I don't have a serious bowel issue like other candida people but I recall low key bacteria from root canal being a silent one so I wonder if wuen I had the tooth removed only by a regular dentist did they not do it like a biological dentist would and get all the infection I'm waiting on my tax refund to put some money into something whether it be a stool or hair mineral or see a natural doc or holistic dentist I need a answer I'm shooting in the dark to be honest

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