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Re: E. Histolytica parasite natural treatment?? Please help! by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/23/2017 12:36:23 AM ( 24 months ago ago)
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SIBO, SIYO, SIVO and parasites is a bad place to be.

Suggest a hair analysis of essential trace minerals and metals to start.

Start supplements, and throw the book at it.

Parasitic infections can require huge amounts of a spectrum of pills, so do not be bashful.

Probiotics are essential. I used probiotic225.

The sequence I used was Yeast, Bacterial, Viral, then parasitic.

Yeast can kill, Beta Glucan, Caprylic Acid, Turkey Tail (bulk powder) are essential.

I used challenge tests to identify and eliminate bacteria, biofilms, herbs, metals, chitosan, and naturals. There are ways to twist the immune system amino for more viral control.

Vital infections, coldsore HTLV-1 can be controlled using Fucoidan.

Balance the citric (OJ), sulfur(s) garlic, magnesium sulfate, etc, Selenium for ROS oxygen, and remove nitrogen (Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 12:1 2X/D teaspoon).

Natural Calciums, milk products are essential to maintain a buffer against acids, 10 doses of cheese, milk, yogurt, cream, etc per day spread out to keep alkaline. MSM and Spirulina can get your enzyme pH above 6.5 (functional) so your body is capable of fighting parasites.

Then and only then is your body close to balance, where fight parasites, with antiparasitics.

Heart pain, vision loss, shakes, or neural issues are critical, deal with these in short order.

Other than that, parasites take some time to eliminate, do research, try not to scatter them to much, peel the onion (layers) and remove as many parasitic infections, as you find.

Tinidazole is preferred by several I correspond with, Flagyl has to many contra indications. People dose for 6 weeks ish.

Metronidazole is
the usual Antibiotic that is used but tinidazole is a good alternative.

diloxanide furoate, is then used to get rid of any remaining for tough infections.

Dehydration, liver support vitamins, loss of bile salt are all very real possibilities. Rehydration salt packets are available at the pharmacy.

Liver abscess can be treated with herbs like burdock, cabbage, and a long list of drawing herbs/supplements.

Drawing abscess short formula:

It will do that from time to time. Remember Probiotic225.

Detox Chlorella and Spirulina

I have taken things like goldenseal and oregano periodically for what I think is something fungal but no real progress.

Fungal control: Beta Glucan, Turkey tail mushroom extract, Pumpkin seed oil caps, Caprylic Acid, Vitamin E, Olive oil, etc.

Magnesium Sulfate,
Vitamin A (Rosehip seed tea) speeds healing of abscess and nest locations.

Drawing herbs like
Oregon grape root,
Valarian root, 1-2 caps max 6PM - 9PM per day to stimulate bile production.
CQ10 200mg/D in vitamin E d alpha oil, Now Foods CQ10, 200mg, d alpha oil.
Leeks boiled in milk, (cooked)
potatoes help draw out internal puss.
Burdock root is powerful, so a little is ok.
I tried Blue Vervain but it did little for me.
Chaparral is a drawing herb,
along with Dandelion.
Fenugreek is a drawing herb.
Lobelia is a bit toxic,
Mustard and sage are also good.


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