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Re: How long do headaches last? by #39806 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   1/8/2017 11:10:09 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Iodine is part of the error-checking of the cells of your body. If they're built up with bromides and flourides, then Iodine can help start the process of breaking down the improperly-assembled cells.

Not only that, but it triggers the immune system with the right ingredients to produce h2O2, the body's main acid (hydrogen peroxide) to destroy infections. The oxidation's going to happen right where your body knows there's an infection that needs to be burned off or cells that are functioning improperly.

ANY major renovations are likely to give an ouch if it happens really fast!

Selenium is one of the major antioxidant minerals. Iodine triggers the oxidation, selenium helps produce the antioxidant processes that clean up after the process.

Health is a balance of both oxidation and anti-oxidants.
The b-vitamins are co-enzymes, they help speed up the cleanup process and the build up of strength and sodium-iodide receptors at the cell walls.

More info:
Other books:
The Iodine Crisis: What You Don't Know About Iodine
Can Wreck Your Life
by Lynne Farrow. (ask for it at a library, libraries are required to get copies when you request a checkout.)

In the way of iodine supplementation, pretty much all detox is down to toxin release. Your body's able to clear only as much trash as it's got glutathione for, so that's what's the cofactor nutrients are for. Even so, it's easy to get waves of junk flowing in the system, since mercury and bromide likes to bork up the sewage system, the lymph vessels which lay right side by side with the blood vessels.

Excercise alongside your co-nutrients really help with the cleanup process- making your own lactic acid from muscles helps the body to make glucouronic acid, a natural precursor to vitamin C. (glucouronic acid is a combination of lactic acid, urea and glucose).

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