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Re: Before & after pictures of my scalp Seb Derm after a vacation. by #128609 ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   12/25/2016 11:11:55 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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So I have roughly been dealing with the same problem for about 7 years (started when I was in high school. funny enough I am from santa barbara and have been surfing my whole life. I can tell you one thing, no topical cream or suppliment has helped me and my skin. The two things that have helped my skin is being in the ocean/sun as well as eliminating gluten and dairy. the ocean/sun combination is hands down the best remedy for me. The sun I believe kills the yeast on the skin while the salt water tightens up the pores (like a face mask) thus causing the secretion of the yeast being blocked. If I stay away from the sun and ocean for an extended period of time my skin will act up. this has definetly effected my traveling ability/working ability due to the fact that my profession is not a surfboard but in an office. I am currently doing some research into possibly trying to replicate this process but at home. so to do that I am looking into purchasing the DermaHealer UV-B Phototherapy Lamp which has had many praises on its curing with psorisis, dermatitis, and exzema. The ocean part can be replicated by buying dead Sea Salt and mixing it with water and applying to the face. This too has yielded many great results for people. In all my findings I have yet to see anyone combine the two of these. I know the cure for me is the combination of the ocean and the sun because when i seclude one of these and just go in the ocean when theres no sun or just be in the sun not at the ocean my skin sees little to no results. I will keep you updated on my findings! best of luck and let me know if you try either of these things.

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