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Re: Crohn's help! Colloidal Silver, DMSO, Oregano, Becks, GcMAF, Gerson, any tips? by #39806 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   12/12/2016 1:39:09 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Seriously, the FMT transplants are the way to go, and there are several clinics in the states offering to help with the process in a professional manner if you don't have a close relative as a donor.

Trying to wipe out the whole colony in your gut is a very damaging process. I've got 3 people in my life who have suffered IBS/bowl disorders, and we lost one very quickly to chron's :(

Please research whiteshark's links very carefully and try to think it through clearly. On YouTube there's a tastefully-done illustration my 1-minute Science called "poop transplants" which does a very good illustration..

But here's the reason I ask you to take the matter seriously- the Antibiotic treatments you list release a lot of endotoxins into the body, and it's best to let the small intestine clean itself with your whole foods diet. The tools you use too try and cleanse need to do double duty and build up faster than they result in a tear-down effect.

Changing out the tenants of your colon can turn the situation around, so... Give it a good researching, and bless, you've already been trying hard!

I know God will not turn His back on an earnest search.

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