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Re: coffee enemas to help iodine detox by #39806 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   12/7/2016 4:19:14 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Adding my two cents on the halogen detox rhythm too

Been using Turpentine (pine oil origin, not crude oil turp) and the bromide detox symptoms have shown up on it too- especially when combined with iodine. The salt's been even more vital, but even coffee orally stopped an intense bout of dihorrea after the morning's dose of turp (it's a controlled substance, best with titration).

The interaction between turp (pine essential oil) and Iodine has been interesting to watch. It is a nutrient-rich fluid with sulfur nanoparticles (a-turpenes and b-turpenes) that are highly antiparasitic. the sulfur compounds can easily act as a cell-membrane modulator though- aka, helping nutrients get into and trash out of the cell wall more easily.

That's.. one of the reasons I haven't left off my SSKI this season. It's a powerful detoxer, and I've needed it to keep from dumbering right down while the parasite cleanse kicks up bromide.

It's interesting, but flourides don't seem to be as big a problem when there's boron, Iodine and chlorides (from salt) in the game. I wish it were easier to percieve in the thick of detoxing that it's bromide kicking my butt when brainfog and emotional upset and hyperactivity kick in, but hindsight is always 50/50, they say..

Future readers, Trapper's got a good salt-loading protocol floating around here somewhere. It's a mix of vitamin C, salt, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and potassium bicarbonate (leavening, also in the baked goods section, generally used to make cookies crispier).

Good stuff to carry around pre-mixed in a pot (glass jar)to use while at work and around town.

Tamarind, tamarind.. haven't tried it yet!

Coffee.. It seems to be just the right blend of minerals and electrolytes to keep things on an even keel. Good to work in the army, the boys here always make it double-strength. :D

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