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Re: Goldenseal tea for kidneys, Why religious? by joegrane ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   12/5/2016 9:04:46 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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== reply below

"... Mercury re-settles between chelation rounds, and the feeling crappy through the whole body is hitting the kidneys pretty hard ...."

== Actually it depends somewhat on which chelators you use. Most of the mercury--Hg--goes out via kidneys when DMSA and DMPS are used.

== Most of the Hg goes out via bile into stool when ALA is used. I suppose that is one reason to use one of each type.

== Over my years of Cutler detox I have taken extra antioxidants--Vit C, E, Se, etc-- a few hours after the last dose of the round to help with mop up.

== Very few people in the detox groups complain about kidney problems. Liver problems are much more commonly reported when chronic Hg poisoning is involved.

== I was an exception but I had a cadmium problem too. Cd is well known to damage kidneys. Thankfully my eGFR numbers have been in the 70s for several years. In my 40's I also had the weak, brittle bones described here.

"Yes, there are problems with having too much information and no idea who to choose from, but it's good to know the terrain well so you have multiple battle strategies available to you."

== I recall feeling that way when I was new to detox and looking for the safest effective method. I was still employable in a decent job with a somewhat effective combo of diet, supplements and a couple of meds. I did not want to mess myself up more than I already was.

== At the time B. Haley's OSR was fairly new and a bit of a fad. The US FDA squashed that--probably just temporarily. I hear it has been undergoing additional testing in Europe.

== A friend of a close friend kindly spent some hours explaining his roller-coaster experience with detox, including some of the controversies and potential pitfalls. He had been nearly bed ridden with a list of neurological, etc symptoms that are typical with chronic Hg poisoning. He says he got worse with his doctor's detox protocol but much improved after years of Cutler. He looked quite healthy when I had dinner with him. He was back at work in his white collar job.

== That caused me to lean towards Cutler but I spent many dozens of hours reading various points of view and following cases in detox groups over many, many months.

== I had been a chem engineering major before getting sick so I enjoyed reading the material.

== In the end Cutler's seemed to be the safest effective method. It also seemed to be fairly inexpensive.

== I planned to give it a year before reconsidering and then probably turning to OSR. After a year I was clearly improving and also the FDA pulled the plug on OSR. I chose not to take advantage of an opportunity to purchase some of it from someone's remaining stock.

== You might go into a support group for one protocol and ask a question. Then ask a followup question in a support group for a different protocol. See how well the experienced members in each group can respond.

== Those considering Cutler can ask questions in Curezone, Yahoo's Frequent Dose Chelation group and FB's Cutler Think tank

== This discussion between Cutler and Dr D Pompa addresses many of the controversial points. Also both men describe some of their own detox experiences. You'll have to right click the link at this site and download the mp3.


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