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How I FINALLY got relief from seborrheic dermatitis using raw honey overnight! by austinbeals57 ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   12/2/2016 12:27:41 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Long story short: raw honey mixed with a “hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E” serum, left in the hair overnight, wrapped in a flour sack towel (or shower cap). Recommended once every other night for four weeks. Then as often as you want.

After the four weeks (or in the midst of), consider combining hemp seed oil and Glover’s “dandruff control topical medicine” and leaving in hair overnight as well.

Let me know how it works for you!


I’ve battled scaling, redness, and flakes on my scalp for the past 10 years (I’m 24 now, so this has plagued much of my life so far). Only recently have I found a treatment that has given me amazing results - after many failed attempts.

I had heard about the raw honey treatment for a while, but who seriously has a three hour block of time every other day to sit at home with honey in your hair? (I’ve got a life to live, people!)

So I decided to take a risk and leave it in overnight. I wrapped my head with a flour sack towel from Walmart (I didn’t want to sleep with a noisy shower cap, and I aim to reduce plastic exposure as much as possible). I tied the rag like a bandana, except with the knot in the front, so I could actually lie down to sleep.

This helped! I experimented with adding other ingredients to the honey mixture with varying results (freshly pressed raw garlic, Sea Salt , bee pollen, noni fruit powder). You’re welcome to experiment with some of these to see if they help.

However, the most effective mixture came from mixing in a skin serum I got off Amazon. It contains vitamin C, vitamin E, and (important) hyaluronic acid which pulls in moisture from the air. I used the stuff from “Radha Beauty,” but I’m sure there are others that will work equally well. (I have no affiliation with this company.)

[Note: make sure you are using truly raw honey. It should be nearly solid at room temperature and a light yellow - not a runny dark amber. I tried some local “raw” honey that was runny and dark, and it didn’t help at all. It actually made the problem worse. I waited a couple weeks and tried again with the real stuff. Worked like a charm. Make sure the honey is completely unprocessed.]

I mix a few large spoonfuls of raw honey, a TINY bit of warm water (don’t want it to be too watery or else it runs down your face), and two tinctures full of the skin serum. I apply it to my entire scalp, rub it in for 1-2 minutes, wrap my head, and go to bed. It comes out easily in a morning shower. It has worked GREAT for me!

My sister recently asked about the state of my scalp, so I showed her - she was VERY impressed. She cuts my hair, and has often been grossed out by the lumps and scales. Not anymore! My scalp is clean and healthy.

I’ve also been getting compliments that my hair looks thicker. It definitely seems like it! (But I’ll wait to see if this continues.)

The important thing is that the scaling is 99% gone, redness 99% gone, flakes probably about 95% gone, and my scalp feels healthier overall. This is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.

I’ve also recently added a mixture of hemp seed oil and Glover’s “dandruff control topical medicine” ( into the rotation. Now I switch off between the raw honey / skin serum and this new mixture every other night. At this point, it’s been about 5-6 weeks and I’m still doing this every two nights, mostly because I want to see continued hair growth and I don’t mind doing it. Honestly, it makes my hair feel great.


Note: this is a treatment, not a cure. Also, I am not a doctor. Just a long-time researcher and human guinea pig.

It is my understanding that Seborrheic Dermatitis is a systemic issue. It is deep rooted, and most likely caused by an imbalance of fungus and harmful bacteria in your gut. It can ONLY be healed through very intentional nutrition over time.

Essentially, three things are required to experience long-term healing:
1.) repairing the gut wall,
2.) getting rid of the bad bugs, and
3.) getting more of the good bugs.

Each of these has many rabbit trails, but that’s the core focus of “healing the gut.” This treatment is proving to be very helpful in the short-term while I work diligently to heal my gut long-term.

If you’re curious about my gut healing protocol, here are few things that are helping…
• Supplementing with liposomal colostrum from Sovereign Laboratories
• Drinking about bone broth (about 48 ounces a week)
• Eating raw sauerkraut (and kimchi)
• No gluten or wheat, and very few oats and rice
• Gradually eating more vegetables, and less sugar
• Drinking my most recent invention, “Pau-R Tea!” (Haha pau d’arco tea mixed with a spoonful each of coconut oil, ACV, and raw honey. Delicious and healing.)
• Taking a broad-spectrum probiotic
• Supplementing with collagen peptides
• Occasionally drinking concentrated aloe vera juice
• Cycling through (natural) antifungals such as oregano oil, caprylic acid, pau d’arco, etc.
All of these have been really helpful in this healing journey so far.


I would REALLY be curious to hear how this topical treatment works for other people. Hopefully this is a solution that will help MANY of us beat this issue as quickly as possible. Please let me know how it works for you, and pass it on if you know of anyone suffering.

Thank you!

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