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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Question by #39806 ..... Help Me! Forum

Date:   11/23/2016 3:18:43 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I haven't found the Green Pastures brand yet, but some dedicated Google-fu, and likely you will!

Depends upon the needs. If you have mercury toxicity to compete with, high E (mixed tocopherols, don't skip the delta-tocopherol, that's the most powerful) is beneficial with selenium.

If there's bone problems, it's K2 MK5- or MK7 that is wanted.

The best vitamin A supplement I ever tried on it's own is called dunaliella salina, a red algae concentrate that has a lot of bioflavanoids (the antioxidant color molecules that complete the vitamin C compound). 2 of those cheap gelcaps will take the edge off of many a bad mood.

A good brand from the ratiio of A to D:

If you buy some Dunaliella on the side, It's got some K2 in it as well. You are, by what I can see from your green supplement, covered well on the K dept.

Very cheap!

When it comes to E, the best is to get the DHA / EPA omega-3 fatty acids. When those are metabolized, the byproduct in the body is vitamin E. Vitamin E actually comes in 4 recognized flavors, the first discovered was alpha-tocopheral, and it goes through beta-, gamma- and delta- tocopherols. The precursor to tocopherols is called toconutrienols.

Beware of alpha-tocopherol-only supplements, they thin the blood and are not as effective as the mixed blends.

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