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Liver Flush and Kidney Cleansing by White Shark ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   11/11/2016 2:44:17 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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There is a long list of herbs and drinks that help cleanse kidneys.

For example, if you start drinking freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices daily, like watermelon, cantaloupe, carrot, celery, red beat, cabbage, apple, pineapple, orange, etc, it will naturally cleanse your kidneys.

Drinking enough water and making sure salt in your diet is unrefined ocean salt also helps cleanse kidneys.

Consuming beans and drinking water from cooked beans also helps cleanse kidneys.

Other way to cleanse kidneys is to drink herbal teas daily.

Tea made from crushed seeds of watermelon, celery, or tea made from corn silk, and from many many other kidney herbs also helps cleanse kidneys.

Just google "Kidney Herbs" and you will find 100 herbs that aid kidneys.

Some of them will be growing naturally in your local forest, like burning nestle.

So, there are many ways to keep kidneys working well, some of those ways are more like food, others are more like teas ... but drinking plenty of liquids is always a part of cleanse.

So cleansing kidneys is something you do every day.

Liver Flush is usually something you will try to do 2 times per month.

Some people prefer gradual cleanse instead of flush, you can gradually cleanse liver by taking daily a few spoons of olive oil with a few spoons of grapefruit or lemon or lime or orange or pomelo juice.

Flush is called when you take more juice, like 1/2 cup, and in that case you usually make a break of 10-14 days between flushes.

Gradual cleanse is when you take less , and you do it day after day.

On curezone there are many different recipes for liver flush, read them to see which one sounds most interesting for you.

One recipe, I remember, even involves drinking Coca Cola because Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid and it aids digestion of juice.

The most simple recipe I gave at the beginning of this thread is the easiest to try, as it has only 2 ingredients.

More complicated recipes involve even taking enemas or colonics both before and after the flush, but you do what you can and what is available where you live.

Enemas or colonics may be important for some people with serious health problems, because it helps prevent re-absorption of bile dumped from the liver.

Our digestive tract naturally tries to re-absorb one part of bile that was dumped into intestines.

During the liver flush, most people prefer not to re-absorb bile.

Taking Epsom Salts gives diarrhea and prevents re-absorption ( Liver Flush by Hulda Clark ).

Read and learn.

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