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Iodine To Cure Flat, White Scars by j.r ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   10/30/2016 12:50:21 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hello, I have read many articles on this site about the use of Iodine for scar removal and had some questions about my specific case. I have many flat, white scars on my arm that I've had for several years and really want to get rid of them. I was wondering if Iodine can completely remove them as if a scar was never there.

I have Lugol's 5% Iodine and have tried painting over one of the scars, sometimes several times a day and sometimes only once or twice a day, depending on how busy I get. A scab formed and it sometimes would sting quite a bit after applying the iodine, and eventually the scar started peeling. I think I peeled it too early because it didn't come off easily and I was slightly bleeding in some spots. Anyways, I'm letting that heal now and am working on a different scar. As the old one is healing and the iodine on it is fading, I can still see that dreaded white line. Did I peel the scab too early when I should have kept applying iodine?

Please let me know if it is possible to cure these scars. I really have my hopes up on iodine and curing this more noticeable scar that I'm currently working on. I see most people use iodine for keloid scars and couldn't find much information for my type of scars. Please let me know, thank you :)

Also, I am taking iodine internally as well, but only a little bit -- 2mg in the morning and 2mg at night, using the Iosol brand.

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