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Re: Better to use magnetic stirrer with Utopia generator? by dimyself ..... Colloidal Silver Forum

Date:   10/17/2016 3:47:05 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Thank you guys much for all the replies!!

I get my Utopia-Silver generator today!

I plan on using that until I find exactly what generator I want to use...or just using that if it is just as good as other generators.

I'm confused here, in my very thread here, I'm reading different things.

- some people say it's better to use a stirrir , others say it doesn't matter or it's better not to.

- some people say polarity change on the electrodes are better and even necessary, while others say it's better not to and that it causes problems with the end result

- i do like the silvertron, the control it has and digital readout with ease of use. It also seems to offer many options to do different things on the forum. Plus high ppm silver. do the other generators make 30ppm silver as good quality?? I mean, why would the silvertron be better/different than say the bigbear or even the utopia generator? does the silvertron have auto detecting features built in that adjust things like current/voltage during the process?

- in what ways is silvertron better than competition like bigbear (also adjustable and comes with stirrer) or even the utopia? what does it do differently other than have a digital touchscreen readout and a bigger silver electrode (1oz bar)?

It seems the bigbear can do the exact same thing as the silvertron because the numbers can also be adjusted? Or does the silvertron have other built in features?

I'm guessing on my utopia generator, I can't make 30ppm good silver compared to silvertron or maybe bigbear...but idk why??

So, which is it?? Is it better or worse to have reverse polarity.

Is it better or worse to make ionic silver or Colloidal Silver ?? This is also debatable it seems. According to silvertron forum, the owner states that ionic is toxic and should be avoided and only to convert the finished ionic into colloidal??

- Also reading different things about tyndall effect! Some claim it's better to have a smooth red effect with laser, and others claim there should be no laser showing through at all when finished, otherwise it's mud and all large particle! Which is it?

Thanks again! Sorry for all the questions here, I'm just reading alot of contradicting beliefs on this, and hard to know what's right , and also why 1 device is better than another some other devices

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