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You can try these oils. :-) by #39806 ..... Hypothyroid & Wilsonís Disease

Date:   9/20/2016 10:52:39 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I went the RAW Thyroid capsule (doesn't require prescription) way, which has american Ginseng in it, after 20 years on synthroid. One can also get Armour thyroid as a prescription if one has a doc or ND who can write out the script (also a powdered thyroid alternative).

Alternatively if you know a butcher in your area, you can ask for the sweetmeats, both cow and pig, from the grass-pastured animals. :-)

Ashwagandha is an immune-system strengthening herb, isn't it?
I'd have to research the thyroid-helping qualities.

I found Myrrh essential oil to be very uplifting and it's listed as a thyroid-helper. I use my EOs (essential oils) transdermally, which means you blend them into coconut, olive, or almond oil, and smear it on the skin for a slow absorbtion.

Personally I have nothing against EOs internally and have used TTO multiple times that way. EOs used orally are very powerful though and can herx you like mad! Folk who use oregano oil capsules, etc, work up to it slowly.

On Facebook there is a group called Essential oils and Lyme (Support group) who are using a long.term (1-3 years) treatment plan of EOs to destroy the bacterial infections which lay at the root of lyme. You mentioned several conditions (Lupus, Reynauds, Scleroderma) which are also indicated in the infections addressed by that protocol, so it may be of value for you to look into.

Metformin too.. Type 2 diabetes?
Frankincense can help you lower the inflammation and strengthen your courage. A proper blend to start off would look like:

6 drops lavender
4 drops frankincense
5 drops myrrh (warm it with your hand)

Add to 2 tablespoons coconut oil, blend thoroughly with mixing in a little bowl with a chopstick

Apply to the soles of your feet, relax on your couch (or whatever) and observe your body and mood for reactions.
If you like it (haha, as I might say, if it likes you,) then you can use the blend over your entire body.

That's how I do it these days. I made my own copy of the DDR Cellular Complex blend to test too, because I don't have contact with the distributers which the americans on facebook use.
It's VERY powerful, I could feel the herx reaction on just 1/4 the normal starting dose, but it ups mood and energy extremely well. Google searching can get you the listings of the ingredients of that blend.

With using EOs like this, it's best to use them before bed, because the herxings can come on slowly and it's not great to be behind the wheel or having to work during them.
However, I've been able to switch off antidepressants, lower the amount of thyroid supplementation, and I feel rather better!

Bless, and may Jesus light your path (psalm 23) with Joy!

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