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Heart Rhythm by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   8/17/2016 10:33:15 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Heart Issues - A Checklist.

This is what I learned about my heart.

Acid ph can cause Heart issue: PH and get up to 6.5 prior to starting the parasite elimination process.

PH will kill and stop your heart.

pH control is through spirulina, msm, baking soda. Touch of Alka powder in an emergency.

Heart needs Magnesium Citrate, dose 133mg of magnesium citrate/D dose 2 capsules to start, 266mg/D to start.

Heart needs CQ10, 400mg in vitamin e oil d alpha

Dose 1030mg of Magnesium Sulfate capsule per day Dr Clark Store, Her Son.

Eat a Banana per day, Potassium

Drink a Glass of OJ per day, Citric Cycle

Manganese Sulfate 133mg capsule on saturday and sunday.

Natural Calciums, Milk, Cream, Cream Cheese, Cheese, Feta, Greek Yogurt, non-casin milk, Kifer, Fruit in the bottom yogurt, whole butter, whipped cream, Philli cream cheese, etc.

Olive oil cap

Vitamin E d alpha oil cap 2000 - 3000 mg/D

Borage oil 1000mg/D

L Carnitine 2000 mg/D Tells Lipids to detox.

Vitamin C Ester 2000 mg/D

Heart worms?

I used DEC Dimmitrol 800mg to start slow ramp.

Filarial Pee (Nitrogen load) is dealt with using PPZ Piperazine Citrate liquid, teaspoon AM/PM = 500mg to start at 250mg per teaspoon. Liquid Dog kind teaspoon has a strength of 50mg/ml and a teaspoon is 5ml. The dose is 250mg of Piperazine Citrate.

Piperazine(s) helps break down nitrogen overload.

Piperazine helps block neural pain from parasite infections.

DEC punches holes in larval hyperinfection, cuts through their skin.

IVM is a gaba channel muscle paralyzer for worms, Paste Wheel Horse is easy to dose in a hurry. Put weight dose in fruit in the bottom yogurt.

nPPZ also makes the worm sleep, removes nitrogen, natural becomes quick ally to PPZ. Bartlows

IVM Paste to weight on Saturday and Sunday Standard Std. 200ucg/kg dose in fruit in the bottom yogurt.

White Willow Bark Capsules 2 to 4/D will prevent platelet clumping, thin blood, protect brain, no stroke, ..

Ginkgo Capsules 60 mg extract standardized strong, 4/D will tell capillaries to open, not clot or clog, keep open for heart and brain

GuaiAid 600mg 2 per day.


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