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Advice for new guy please!!!! by #211932 ..... Herpes Simplex 2: Genital Herpes

Date:   8/14/2016 9:02:39 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi everybody,

I recently joined the HSV-2 club, and obviously I am not too thrilled about it; I just joined this website because I want to do everything I possibly can to never have another outbreak ever again, and at this point Iím trying to stay positive and optimistic. Hereís a little background info.

I am a 26 year old gay man. I am pretty much a pervert and have a TON of sex. 11 days ago I woke up and felt feverish and the lymph nodes in my groin felt like two over-filled water balloons. I went to urgent care because my doc couldnít squeeze me in (I go to a PCP office that specifically caters to gay men in Boston) and it turned out I had a 102 degrees F temperature, 130/82 BP and a resting heart rate in the 130ís. I also had a significant amount of pain in my rear end (most of the time I tend to be a receiver and not a giver).

The doctor at urgent care was an elderly woman who clearly does not have a ton of experience treating patients like me. She ran every possible STD test (EXCEPT for herpes!) and presumptively treated me for LGV (lymphogranuloma venerum) which is an invasive serovar of chlamydia. I started doxycycline at that time. 2 days later the tests came back all NEGATIVE, and while my fever and other symptoms were subsiding, the pain in my butt was getting worse.

Four days after my initial visit (this was on a Sunday) I did a little research on the CDC website looking for anything she couldíve possibly missed that would have given me the symptoms I was experiencing. I learned that HSV-2 can give you the fever/pain/swollen inguinal glands on your first outbreak, so I went back to urgent care and braced myself for the news. This time, the doctor was much younger, and said the chance of it being herpes was, ďhighly probable,Ē and gave me an Rx for valtrex.

By the time I started Valtrex, I was already 4+ days into my first outbreak, so itís fair to say that it had gotten really brutal. That Sunday night I noticed lesions had magically appeared on my penis and I began to feel like my world was crashing down around me.

I am feeling much better now, today marks one week since I started Valtrex after being mistakenly placed on Antibiotics for 4 days. However I am having really really bad neuralgia throughout my entire lower body, especially in my trunk and left leg/especially my left foot. As I stated before I am a total pervert, and as soon as the sores on me penis went away, I began playing with yourself, spanking the monkey 2-5 times a day because Iím not having sex until Iím totally cleared up, in the front and back. Yesterday I noticed some redness and dry skin on my penis that was likely caused from the friction of playing with yourself, spanking the monkey. When I saw this, I got very fired up about my situation and decided to look up some natural remedies to use concurrently as I finish up my 10-day course of Valtrex. The following is the plan Iíve created and I would love if someone more experienced could weigh in and offer more suggestionsÖ.

-I am continuing Valtrex for 3 more days as prescribed
- Vit D 20,000 IU daily. Will cut back to 10,000 once the outbreak is gone
-Vit C 2,000 IU daily
-Olive leaf extract with 20% oleuropein 1,500 mg, will cut back to 500 mg once outbreak is gone
-L-lysine 1,000 mg with each meal, 3 g per day total
-After I shower, I take a dallop of coconut oil with 4 drops of oil of oregano and rub it all over my trunk/crotch/penis. Unfortunately the lesions in the back are INSIDE my bum, so I canít apply it directly on to them (or can I?)

I would also like it if someone could share his or her experience with DMSO cream. I read a post suggesting that I apply this cream mixed with oil of oregano to my sacral region for 30 minutes, which would allow my immune system to better attack the herpes virus. I was not able to find the DMSO cream at the natural supplement store, so I plan on ordering it online.

Please give me your input! I am brand new to this and want to do everything possible to make sure I never have to deal with another outbreak!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks


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