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Re: Do You Have to Speak in Tongues to Be Saved? by rainy.8 ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   8/13/2016 6:28:31 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Interesting article, but the conclusion is not true.

I do agree with Matthew 6. We should pray, fast and give as much as possible in secret. The idea of this passage is not to flaunt it before others as the hypocrites. However, there are other passages in the Bible that support corporate prayer and fasting. If we always had to go into our closets to pray we would never be able to pray together or even in church. Jesus did not mean that we could not do this. Corporate prayer and fasting have proven to be very effective.

Here's just one biblical example:
"And when he had considered the thing, he came to the house of Mary the mother of John, whose surname was Mark; where many were gathered together praying." Acts 12:12

I believe that when we pray in tongues we should be in our closets. Why go to church and pray in tongues before others? It serves no purpose. I really think that when Paul was correcting the Corinthian church that this is what he was correcting. When he said that only three could speak in tongues he must have meant giving a message in tongues that would require an interpreter.

If people get together to have a prayer meeting to pray about something I guess that would be different. If Christians are gathering to pray about something as they did in Acts 12, I don't see why they would need to be restricted from speaking in tongues. This would be a group of believers, not open to the public as a church service where unbelievers could walk in and not understanding, think people were crazy.

The article you posted from is way off. I will address some of it.

Article: The tongues experience is highly emotional and produces a pleasant feeling in the participant.

Me: The person who wrote this doesn't have a clue. I speak in tongues and it is not a highly emotional experience for me or for many others that I know who do this. Having said that, I will say that I have heard that some Christians claim that they can only speak in tongues when in an emotional state. I totally do not understand this nor do I relate to it.

Article: However, Science has proven that modern tongues is not a language, but rather a learned psychological phenomena in which the brain produces random vocal sounds which is accompanied by a pleasant feeling.

Me: Again, a very false statement. I don't know where they got their scientific data from, but it is very false. It must be a group related to those taking polls for the democrats. They pay for the poll and they expect and demand the outcome that they desire. In other words, the poll numbers are false. There have been numerous times when someone is speaking in tongues and it can be understood by someone who is present who knows the language, not a supernatural understanding as the gift of interpretation of tongues. Yes, this is happening in today's world, but the people who are against tongues live in denial.

Article: What the modern Christian tongues speaker does is the exactly what tongues speakers in pagan religions are doing.

Me: There is actually a difference. Pagan tongue speakers are having a supernatural experience given to them by demons. Christians have a supernatural experience given to them by God. Satan and his demons have copied many things from our God. They know this will add to deception and confuse people.

I skimmed the whole article a little. It was well written which, of course, will help some people to believe it is truth. The truth is, it is a well written falsehood.

Tomi: Each to their own way but God only requires FAITH.

Me: Did you even listen to the video that I posted? The whole point of the video is to scripturally show that God does NOT REQUIRE us to speak in tongues to be saved. In fact, the Bible even says that not all speak in tongues. Why are you trying to spin this to try to get people to believe that I think God requires tongues? That is crazy. I was trying to help clear up this false belief that we were discussing. I can't see why it upset so many of you. Now God does ask some to speak in tongues. If we refuse, we disobey God just like any other thing that He may ask us to do that we refuse to do. I thought Dr. Brown gave a good rebuttal for the message of Irvin Baxter in the recording that Vektek posted. I thought I would share it. In fact, when I saw that he had only made the video 12 hours prior from the time I posted it, I thought perhaps the timing was so good that God actually wanted me to post it. If I would have known that it would have upset so many I would not have bothered. Who knows, maybe just one reader needed to hear what Dr. Brown had to say. I'm sure the lady that called in to Irvin would have appreciated Brown's comments. Irvin sure didn't help her any. Of course, I agree that God requires FAITH to be saved, not tongues. I never said anything contrary to that. Why are you trying to make out like I did?

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