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Am I crazy or does anyone on UT actually like the taste, like I do by stctom ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   7/22/2016 11:54:32 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I have done extensive research and read tons of testimonials on UT. So, I decided to give it a try only 4 days ago. I was expecting the worst, regarding taste, but I was prepared to soldier through because of the possible benefits. So, imagine how shocked I was, even after the first ingestion, that I actually liked the taste. I was shocked at how easy it was to drink the 6 ounces, and even was a little disappointed that I didnt have a little more. Sometimes I swish it around in my mouth to savor it as well as helping with gums, throat etc. I am thinking I might be a little weird in liking the taste so much, because I was not prepared for that. Public perception is that urine should not taste good. For the record, I have never drunk any urine but my own, so I dont have a true frame of reference to compare. I also don't want to think I now have some kind of perverted addiction. So, does anyone out there also like the taste? I'm thinking it might be my body telling me it actually needs the urine and can use it beneficially (the same way with healthy and good foods), otherwise, wouldn't it be so objectionable and nasty tasting that I would never want to drink it again? Also, how much per day is too much?Right now, I drink about 12-16 oz per day.

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